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Portrait | Guy Baroch, jewelry that walks on the edge of art

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If he had a complicated start because he didn’t speak a word of French, he ended up taking his marks and distinguishing himself between The best talent in the school. The young entrepreneur learned to collect stones there and make his first pieces.

Diamonds out of sight

At the end of his training, Guy Baruch took his first steps at Cartier as a fine jewelry designer. An apprenticeship so productive that the famous house wants to keep him in the midst. But a year later, the young man decided to leave to open his own brand. Using his connections, he launched himself as an independent jeweler. “I created my network of clients. It took time but I wanted to build something that would last with all of them to make the most beautiful pieces possible,” Jay Baruch explains.

Discreetly, the young jeweler weaves his web in the capital with one thought: Do what you can.

And this is from stones, to ingots, and even jewelry boxes. With great audacity he succeeds in obtaining the most beautiful diamonds, by establishing a relationship of trust with the best diamond dealers in Paris. An in-depth relationship that he is keen to develop with each of his clients as well. The latter, from Big wealthy families But also billionaires and personalities from all over the world come to Guy Baruch because they want the best material, but above all, because they are looking for discretion. “My clients are very demanding. They want unique pieces that no one else wears. That’s why they come to find me. I don’t have a store, so I meet them privately, in a big hotel, on their yacht or even right at home. I build a relationship with my clients that goes beyond just sales. That’s what will make the piece unique, because it reflects the history of its buyer.”

So in a very intimate style, the style that some do not hesitate to call “New JAR” sells its finely crafted pieces 100% customizedbecause of 30 per year at most in order to make the perfect gem. For amounts ranging from From 15,000 to 5 million euros … “I don’t sell jewelry,” he says, “I sell art, and passion.” My clients come to see me with dreams in their heads, and my mission is to make them come true. With five of his assistants, Guy Baruch intends to make his eponymous home thrive out of sight.

This article was written by: Dominic Bousso

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