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Rami Malek praised Oppenheimer’s performance and fans think he’s back

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Rami Malek Turns out, he’s a scene stealer in “Oppenheimer” — something that excites his biggest fans… especially in light of his journey with mixed bags in Hollywood.

The Academy Award winning actor is one of the many stars who have had a small role on the show NolanLast feature – great reviews. Ditto for many of the supporting performances, including RM… who appears in a poignant monologue at a critical moment in the film.

Towards the end I said to myself.

“Wow Devon Bostick, the guy from Diary of a Wimpy Kid, has more lines than Josh Peck and Rami Malek combined.”

Then this scene appeared. It took Malik just two minutes to drop the jaws of the floor crowd. https://t.co/jZNufxkhLB

– M45 (xzfrsyfq) July 23, 2023

front spoiler!!! … Ramy’s big scene comes at the end, and when Robert Downey Jr.. It is revealed that he is the villain – who is trying to smear Cillian Murphy/ Oppenheimer. While appearing as a congressional witness, Rami supports Oppenheimer in emphatic terms.

Essentially, it turns out that her character – who’s had only a handful of storylines thus far – has been a huge game-changer over the course of the movie…and that happens in no time.

Christopher Nolan really helped retired Rami Malek Stans win the war with his performance in Oppenheimer’s Like Thank You. pic.twitter.com/MhgpmXSoSt

– Paul (also Ken) (pulswhtn) July 21, 2023

Though brief, his work is hailed as a crowning talent — especially on Twitter, where people say (jokingly) that they were right to stick with Rami Malek’s acting… “because it’s awesome.” Unfortunately, his recent biography did not always reflect this.

The truth is, Ramy’s rise in the entertainment world has at times seemed stalled – even after he won Best Actor for his acting role. Freddie Mercury In “Bohemian Rhapsody”…which was controversial. Some felt he didn’t deserve to win that year… Of course, others were against it.

The thing, since then, hasn’t quite gone off like people thought it would or should… instead, it’s been sprayed with clicks here and there, somewhat imperceptibly.

However, now… many of his supporters feel confident about what he did for Oppenheimer and hope he’ll get back on the road and become the leading man they feel he deserves.

Oddly enough, Rami is far from the only actor who has attracted attention for his role in Oppenheimer. Honestly, there are many actors who have done great work – and there are concerns about Cillian, RDJ, and maybe even Matt Damon The Oscar nominations are coming in the spring.

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