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Portrait | Don’t call them old anymore, these women have it covered!

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On Instagram, the junior playground, the general public found you. How did you manage to take advantage of your photo?

VL: I’ve watched my daughter, Thylane Blondeau’s Instagram a lot, and been able to keep a close eye on her growing community. I also tried to understand why some accounts, especially overseas, were more popular than others. Finally, I saw that there was no point in playing a character but that authenticity was the real reason for the success of these influencers. Around me, an expression describing me often appeared, namely: “the girl next door.” In other words, that neighbor with whom you can get to know, who is similar to you. When I started influencing at 51, I simply told my daily life, shared my favorites, favorite addresses, my looks, and my moods. I love life, I love the art of living, and I realized that in France, we don’t talk to these women over 50 when there is so much to tell them! Pregnant by these women, she created the Insta Amies philanthropy space, a term she registered, to inspire conversations. Little by little, my community has grown to 200,000 followers.

From virtual to real, when did brands realize your prescription power?

VL: One day, I made my community aware of the imminent closure of a handicraft workshop, due to lack of sales, and requested business support. Small and medium-sized businesses received tens of thousands of orders overnight, it was crazy! I myself did not realize what was happening. After that, every time I put up a brand I liked, it made a real impact on sales. Several companies approached me for collaborations, explaining to me that my community of 202,000 people had a higher conversion rate than some influencers with five million followers. At 50, women have much more purchasing power than young men, are less distracted and want more depth in what they are offered. In fashion, leather goods or accessories in particular, I am involved in the creation of the products I support, in the creative process of the lines. It was not possible to promote a product that I am not proud of.

What are you most excited about in this new phase of your life?

VL: To show these women, restore their self-confidence, and prove to them that at 50, anything is still possible! What a joy it is to see my “Insta Amies” make very real connections through meeting! I also love being able to say no by declining brand invitations to events where I feel like I don’t belong. It was a good example. I don’t understand the overrepresentation of influencers at this film festival when they don’t have a movie to defend! I am honest, real and natural in my approach.

’50s is the new chic, then?

VL: From the age of 50, it’s the beginning of a more colorful adventure! I always tell these women that they are alive, and I insist on that term. When the Le Point Society godmother is up, as I see the kids leave early, I repeat them twice. It’s a chance to get old, stop thinking it’s a curse! It is a pleasure to be enjoyed every day. You know, my grandmother lived to be 102, she was bright! Why ? Because she was aware of this opportunity.

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