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Big charity dinner at Villa Forbes for Born This Way

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During the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, a major hospitality event was held at Villa Forbes. In collaboration with Forbes France, Le Grand Dîner de Charité is organized in support of the Born This Way Foundation, created by Lady Gaga and her mother.

Villa Forbes received Great charity dinner elegantly. Guests are immersed in a magical atmosphere surrounded by the luxury and charm of Cannes. The evening promised to be unforgettable, offering a unique experience to all guests. Exceptional hosts and artistic performances: to liven up this special, enchanting evening Ophélie Meunier And Raphael Say served as co-hosts. Their charisma and liveliness contributed to a warm and friendly atmosphere throughout the evening. Guests were also delighted to attend a series of great performances, including a trumpeter Brian NewmaniHe is a close friend of Lady Gaga. Besides the magical moments, this evening had fundamental charitable significance. Thanks to the hospitality of the guests and partners, Almost $75,000 was raised for the Born This Way Foundation. These funds will be used to support the Foundation’s initiatives to promote the mental health of young people and create a more caring and inclusive world. We had the privilege of interviewing Cynthia Louise Germanotta, Lady Gaga’s mother, who is also a co-founder of the Born This Way Foundation. In this exclusive interview, she will share her inspiring vision and commitment to young people’s mental health.


What were the main reasons that inspired Born This Way?

The institution was born more than ten years ago, when my daughter began to tell her story on stage. As a mother, I was nervous to see her talk about her pain to thousands of strangers, but that openness was crucial to her own healing and to the many young people who found validation in her experience. I showed them that they are not alone, that they are not without hope, and that they too can share their story and get kindness, connection, and resources to support their mental health. These guys have continued to engage my daughter and me — behind the scenes, in the audience, online and off. These stories and experiences inspired Born This Way and marked the beginning of our movement to build a kinder, braver world for all young people. »

How does the Foundation envision creating a more loving and caring world for young people?

“Since the founding of the Foundation, my daughter has felt it essential that younger generations feel better equipped than they are to tackle life’s challenges. More than that, she wanted to ensure that young people’s perspectives, stories and ideas are at the heart of everything we do. We have collected the opinions of tens of thousands of young people – in person and online, through advisory boards, academic research and carefully designed surveys – and used them to shape all aspects of our work.”

What are the Foundation’s main areas of intervention in the field of youth mental health?

Today’s younger generations face continuous and overlapping crises and challenges, all of which have a significant impact on their mental health. However, in the face of the challenges they face, we see an incredibly resilient, courageous and caring generation. They want to talk about their mental health and are looking for tools, skills and resources to support their own mental health and the health of their peers. But often they don’t know how to talk about their mental health or where to find support. At The Foundation, we strive to create safe, caring, and positive spaces, model healthy conversations around mental health, and direct young people to the resources they need to thrive. Born This Foundation aims to validate young people’s feelings and eliminate stigma surrounding mental health. Knowing that it takes a concerted effort to support young people’s mental health, we are achieving these goals through high-impact programmes, youth-led conversations and strategic partnerships across sectors. We also make sure to incorporate a youth perspective into all of our programs and resources to support their mental health, ensuring that their unique experiences and needs are put first. »


Can you give us concrete examples of programs or initiatives launched by the Foundation that have had a positive impact on the lives of young people?

All of our programs and initiatives are based on our research and conversations with young people, emphasizing the undeniable link between kindness and mental health. Young people told us they need the tools and resources to be able to support their own mental health and the health of others. They can learn how to do this with accessible online courses, such as the Be There certification, which was developed in partnership with our friends at Jack.org. This free online Mental Health course (available in English, French, and Spanish!) offers a simple, practical framework that teaches you to recognize someone’s struggles, understand their role in supporting that person, and connecting them to the help they need and deserve. This course is not only aimed at young people, but also anyone who advocates for young people or would like better information on mental health. We also know from research that young people who report caring in their community score higher on indicators of mental health. We help strengthen these communities online and offline through platforms like Channel Kindness, an online storytelling platform that invites us all to share stories of kindness, resilience, and community, and empowers young people to take action in support of the causes they care about. Among our latest kind initiatives is #BeKind365, an online platform where you can pledge to be intentional kindness throughout the year, send messages of goodness and affirmation, find suggested acts of kindness, and see the ripple effect of your kindness globally. »

How does Born This Way promote inclusion and diversity within communities?

“We recognize that meeting the needs of all young people requires a collaborative approach. We do this by integrating research, holistic funding, targeted storytelling, and expert advice across all areas of our work, with the ultimate goal of promoting kindness, inclusion, and acceptance. We conduct extensive research to better understand how young people from different communities experience compassion and mental health, which allows us to develop resources and initiatives that address their specific needs. Through our Community Kindness Fund, we actively fund community-led efforts as part of our commitment to support free mental health support accessible and community-informed. Our storytelling platform, Channel Kindness, is a powerful tool for amplifying stories of inclusion and resilience, and promoting a culture of empathy and positive change. To ensure our initiatives remain relevant and impact younger generations, we work closely with our Advisory Board, a diverse and passionate group of young global changemakers.”


Several partners have committed to the success of the event

Great charity dinner in Villa Forbes Thanks to the valuable cooperation and support of many partners. Among them were present pictureAnd GalenicAnd champagneAnd Reginald DunlapAnd high hospitalityAnd nose gAnd My travel lineas well as the local partner association Our colors along the water, founded by Matisse Soulier. Their commitment and support helped make the evening a real success. The large charity dinner at Villa Forbes supported a worthy cause by raising money for Born This Way Foundation. This evening brought together film personalities, artists and committed partners, all united with the goal of creating a more loving and caring world for young people.

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