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BenGems is a company with a thousand faces…

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Benjamin Mizrahi is the founder of BenGems, a Geneva-based company that was created twelve years ago. If his first name and the name of the company intersect, it is because they are truly one… The young gemologist, by putting at the service of his company, his years of study, his career in the greatest of houses, his enthusiasm, his experience and his passion; I managed to make it as atypical as he was. BenGems is evident in the unique position it occupies in the gemstone market… From sourcing as close as possible to natural gemstones, to creating one-of-a-kind jewellery, including trading, appraisal and investment advice, Benjamin Mizrahi provides its international clients with a range of services that are as personal as they are meticulously crafted.

Run the world to discover the most beautiful it has to offer

the Diamond Brazil color Ruby from Burma, Mozambique; the sapphire from Sri Lanka; emerald From Colombia… The surprises that nature has in store for us, all over the planet, are amazing. And Benjamin Mizrahi, a 22-year gemologist, knows all the secrets. Moving down the mine, he discusses, inquires, studies colours, shapes, purity, weights, volume…. He negotiates with ethics and respect, guaranteeing his customers the highest quality products and the shortest circuits.

Displaying custom handcrafted jewelry pieces

Benjamin Mizrahi likes to point out that he doesn’t have a “storefront”! I mean, he didn’t opt ​​for a fancy boutique full of ordinary jewelry…he absolutely caters to his clients. Privacy, at its professional headquarters. He takes the time to listen to them, to understand what they don’t want in order to come to a conclusion about what they want. Then he starts designing the unique jewel, which will be the subject of a custom manufacturing. Like a conductor, he commissions and accompanies his designers, engravers, engravers, etc. His sole ambition: to provoke, on the day of delivery to his client, the product of the “Wow!

Estimation, negotiation, experience…

Determining the value of a gemstone requires extensive knowledge of it gemmology, permanent synergy with the market, meticulous and accurate expert work. Benjamin Mizrahi developed all of these skills. Her ability to evaluate gemstones allows her to negotiate as accurately as possible, but also gives her the confidence of private companies and institutional bodies who entrust her estimates or expertise to her. It is therefore frequently called upon by the banking/insurance sector, notaries and even the City of Geneva.

Investor advisory

If he uses the word “investment,” it’s because Benjamin Mizrahi knows a gemstone solidifies family legacyAnd, like gold, it never depreciates, and it has undeniable tax advantages. However, when he helps his clients with this type of investment, his philosophy goes beyond the financial aspect. He is committed to taking into account their deepest aspirations: “Gemstones are passed down from generation to generation and can be attached to a family jewel.” trust. His greatest happiness: that the manner which he has chosen to exercise his profession is in harmony with the passion for transport; And above all…passion!

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