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Seriderm, the partner of reference for doctors, is committed to the democratization of aesthetic health

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A reference in the French aesthetic medicine scene with its Lutronic and Seriderm Aesthetic Dermatology brands, Seriderm has been committed since 2012 to developing a true partnership with doctors by supporting them as much as possible in their practice. Clinical Training Marketing Support Maintenance Service Seriderm is enhancing practice activity by introducing a new concept called Enhancement Therapy which aims to improve the overall patient experience.

The essential partner for aesthetic practitioners

Seriderm offers innovative solutions that allow practitioners to stand out by offering a Unprecedented supportand to meet their new expectations of support in the course of their care. Seriderm provides doctors with a list of branded treatments with ready treatment protocols.Today it is no longer about limiting yourself to doing a solo job in the office. The development of our offer provides a 30 day unit of care, to support the patient in their pursuit of results and well-being.explains Malika Botoof Zahir, Vice President of Global Marketing.

Comprehensive solutions for better management of aesthetic health

Seriderm decodes patient expectations, uncovers nuggets in terms of aesthetic treatments and helps formalize care. For patients who are now looking for minimally invasive procedures with real efficiency, our offer offers a real turnkey approach, and allowsImprove aesthetic resultsImprove patient experience with comprehensive support and increase their level of satisfaction.He proposes a three-step program:

  1. wetting and prepare the skin for 15 days using the SKIN PREP box.
  2. the treatment office aesthetics
  3. to improve Aesthetic results in 15 days thanks to the aftercare box.

This approach has been adapted to cover the indications most requested by patients. We offer several treatments: Baby Face and Hollywood Peel to prevent skin from the first signs of aging, correct imperfections and increase radiance, Time Correction to correct wrinkles and loss of elasticity, Melabright to correct pigmentation, and Genius Lift to treat sagging skin and redefine the oval of the face.. “

With the ambition to help ensure safety and ethics in the care process, Seriderm positions itself as a key player and is committed to the democratization of aesthetic health. Founded in 8 countries: France, Spain, Portugal, England, Ireland, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco, the brand has established itself as a reference partner for aesthetic practitioners keen to offer their patients a unique experience.

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