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Portrait | Meet Jonathan Gilbert, CEO of Kastel.co: The platform that democratizes investing in exceptional real estate

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Kastel.co is one of those companies that takes on a bold challenge: to bring the best real estate returns within everyone’s reach. The startup offers to invest from 100 euros in a villa in Saint-Tropez, a chalet in Megève, a magnificent domain, or any other prestigious property in France or abroad. With an investment platform and an investor club, the young company has given itself the means to promise and win the moon for its clients.

Who is behind this project? What has Kastel.co set out to combine dreams with market reality, profitability and security? Who can access this service? Jonathan Gilbert, Co-Founder and CEO of Kastel.co, answered our questions.

What was your background until the creation of Kastel.co?

Jonathan Gilbert, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Kastel.co: I started my career at the age of 17 in retail. It’s a great experience: I learned very quickly what “customer service” means. Then I spent fifteen years in international banking and finance in C-level positions. Besides, I’m an Air Force Reserve Captain.

In 2021 I move with joy and passion to entrepreneurship, and in 2022 I start creating Kastel.co

How was Kastel.co born?

Kastel.co is the story of a series of great meetings, based on an alignment of values, that today form a strong, competent and integrated team, as we explained with my co-CEO, Julie Dafford, a student entrepreneur.

With the whole team, we worked day and night for several months to bring Kastel.co to life.
This hard work has been rewarded by over 200 registered investors within our first week of launch, which was last month!

How does Kastel.co work?

Kastel.co is a rental income sharing platform that specializes in exceptional real estate where anyone can invest from €100.

The process is very simple. After quick account creation and mandatory regulatory checks, the user selects one or more properties to invest in that will generate returns that we pay monthly. He is free to get back his invested money at any time thanks to our secondary resale market.

In addition to being an investment platform, Kastel.co is also an investor club that offers each of its clients exclusive benefits depending on the amount invested. Thus, we have signed many distinguished partnerships, particularly in the automotive, luxury watchmaking and entertainment sectors.

Why did you choose interest in real estate investment?

Like many, I have personally had some challenging experiences in real estate. Today, everything is fine, but I was able to explore all topics related to loan applications through an intermediary or directly with the bank, quotes, work coordination, taxation, rental management … This gave me the keys to real estate investment, the conviction that it is a complex issue, regardless of the amount involved.

This is exactly this complication that Kastel.co wants to solve. With twelve years of experience on my part, and 300 years of cumulative experience of the entire team, we aspire to make real estate investing as accessible as simple online purchase. Our passionate and seasoned professionals explore the world for opportunities out market Unique and we make it available on kastel.co platform, we manage the rest.

What do you think of the pleas for your proposal?

Our proposition is twofold: invest in exceptional properties and join a club with many benefits.

The first comments on the property catalog are unanimous: they are exceptional.

Anyway, this is just the beginning! In addition to unique architectural works, villas, chalets and real estate, we also plan to acquire commercial real estate and cultural venues such as theaters, as well as castles and other jewels of national heritage. Our early investors also appreciate our involvement and our ability to generate the best possible returns on each property (8 to 10% total annual average). They are reassured by our commitment: we invest a significant part of the company’s funds in each acquisition. This indicates our confidence in our projects.

What are the next major steps for kastel.co?

Next month, we will launch our first real estate financing on the platform, shared communications with our real estate partners as well as a quality concierge service.

We have started a fundraising campaign and plan to hire 10 new employees by 2024.

All this for the acquisition of about thirty months over the next eighteen months for a total value of €70m.

With its project, Kastel.co wants to take on the challenge of democratizing access to the best financial investments, hitherto reserved for the elite. For this, the startup relies on the combined experience of its specialists and on the opportunities that new technological developments present. Finally, it responds, in addition to the desire to invest in exceptional real estate, to the commitment to the preservation of the national heritage.

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