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The Haryana Bharatiya Janata Party President is a key witness in the case of the WFI President

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Tribune Press Service

Karam Prakash

New Delhi, 18 July

Haryana Bharatiya Janata leader and international wrestler, who recently allegedly tried to dissuade other wrestlers from staging a sit-in at Jantar Mantar, is among the key witnesses in the sexual harassment case against the current President of the Indian Wrestling Federation, Brij Bhushan. Sharan Singh.

The indictment filed by the Delhi Police revealed that the allegations of two out of a total of six complainants had been corroborated by the Haryana BJP leader. She and her sister, who was also a former international wrestler, were among the 15 witnesses named in the indictment.

A total of 108 witnesses, including co-contributors and WFI officials who were not named at the events, were interviewed in the case. Of these, 15 witnesses had already confirmed, in part or in whole, the allegations of the victims.

The police also stated why Brij Bhushan, the BJP MP in Kaiserganj (UP), who was the main demand of the protesters, was not arrested. The indictment stated, “The accused Brij Bhushan and Vinod Tomar (suspended deputy secretary of WFI) have been charged ‘without arrest’ as they adhered to the CPC Section 41A instructions to join the ‘investigation’.” For this, the police cited a directive issued by the CPC. The Supreme Court failed to arrest the accused for an offense punishable by seven years imprisonment in several cases, including those of “Arnish Kumar v. Bihar” and “Sattender Kumar Antill v. CBI and others.” The indictment stated that the results of the digital or electronic devices and documents that were seized and deposited with the relevant forensic laboratories have not yet been received and will be submitted through additional reports to the police.

SC maintains rating of Gauhati HC in WFI polls

  • The High Commission on Tuesday upheld the Commission’s order in Guwahati to halt the federal elections
  • At the behest of the AP Amateur Wrestling Association, the House issued notices to the Federal Sports Administration, WFI, Assam Wrestling Association, and others.

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