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The booming educational podcast market with HUM

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There are 166 million French podcasts that are listened to all over the world. Junoon also takes care of children according to the French leader of the youth podcast Unique Heritage Media (UHM). He has just opened the Maison du podcast in Marseille, an immersive production studio dedicated to young people: the first in Europe.

In a sector still in the process of being regulated in France, The podcast audience is growing with 82% of the French who listen to audio content every day. Among them, children are not left to listen to stories that are distracting or allow learning while having fun. At a time when young people seem to be turning away from reading, podcasts are seen as a A true lever of knowledge transfer and interest in culture, especially among young people. In fact, in 2021, nearly 8 out of 10 parents said they use an audiobook to teach, develop, motivate, and develop their children, while Half of young people believe that listening to audio has increased their interest in reading. Le Journal de Mickey, My Story Factory, Picsou Magazine, Quelle Histoire, Abricot, Epsiloon… are among the thirty or so brands that UHM has brought to life. Dedicated to youth and knowledge, they all have the same ambition to democratize knowledge and cultures. The group headed by Emmanuel Meunier has made media diversification and innovation its DNA, particularly in the field of audio, where it has been a major player since 2016, the year it was launched. Magic lantern and associated with Quelle Histoire.

La Maison du podcast: A way to attract the city of Marseille.

Youth podcast No. 1 in France He is taking a new step in his development on audio since he opened his own podcast studio. Based on the successes of its audience—which has reached nearly 26 million plays over the past three years, including 1 million cumulative plays per month since 2023— UHM He wanted and thought of his studio as a center for cultural activities around sound, a place for exchange and participation in Marseille that would welcome audiences but also school children with production sessions, workshops to develop imagination through sound and a youth podcast festival. In terms of profitability, La Maison du podcast will also offer training to individuals and companies who want to learn how to express their opinions, but also the various commercial and technological possibilities offered by the current boom in podcasting.

Figures from the study conducted by British audience measurement company GWI, conducted in 2022

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