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Stokelp raises 3 million euros to combat food waste in the food industry

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Stokelp is an innovative solution against food waste in the food industry and has just raised €3 million.

This online platform is for agri-food manufacturers, allowing them to optimize and manage their surplus stocks such as fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, dairy and more. Stokelp’s goal is Converting surplus raw materials from one manufacturer into resources for anotherwhich contributes to Fighting food waste on an industrial scale. The company positions itself as real Pioneer in EuropeIt seeks to rethink the ways of supply, purchase and consumption of manufacturers in the sector. Thus, the first platform for the purchase and resale of food surpluses in France, Stokelp, is accelerating its development thanks to a fundraising of 3 million euros. among the investors OneRagtimeAnd AFI projectsAnd Rothschild and cothrough its establishment R & CO4 GenerationsAnd better angle.

This initiative responds to major environmental issues. Almost every year 1.6 million tons of surplus food raw materials from the food industry are burned in Europe, which is equivalent to nearly 50,000 full trucks. Unlike finished products, these surpluses have few redeeming alternatives and are often destroyed while still consumable. At the same time, the production of new raw materials leads to carbon dioxide emissions and additional pollution. Based on this result, William Launay And Tanguy de Cottigniesafter nearly 20 years of experience accumulated in the agri-food sector, in particular with Greenshot Where they met, Stokelp imagined. ” With their innovative marketplace, William and Tanguy are calling on manufacturers to rethink managing surplus in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. They have succeeded in creating both a new and seamless solution to facilitate the daily lives of manufacturers and buyers in the agri-food sector. Effect and performance are at the heart of Stokelp’s proposal he declared Stephanie HospitalCEO and Founder OneRagtime.

The idea is simple, innovative and unique in the market: to connect manufacturers in the agri-food sector, who have historically faced these surplus problems, through a completely digital and seamless solution. So can the seller Resell its shares at the price you choose, by receiving the maximum number of qualified purchase offers. For their part, buyers receive an alert as soon as the product they are interested in becomes available, and thus take advantage of prices that are about 30% lower than the market. Stokelp provides logistics and administrative management by checking declarations, securing transactions, organizing transportation and deliveries, as well as offering quality control solutions. Stokelp accompanies manufacturers in a complete reflection of their supply, purchase and consumption methods in order to better adapt to the future challenges of the food industry. In France, more than 17,000 factories in the sector can benefit from this solution. ” The benefits of Stokelp for our users are numerous: reducing food waste, reducing waste, optimizing procurement processes, and promoting their CSR initiatives, in particular thanks to measuring their carbon impact. In this way we hope to catch up with the efforts already made at the beginning of the series on finished products and inspire great changes in the industry. “,” underscore Tanguyco-founder of Stokelp.

This will allow fundraising stockleb To consolidate its platform, to consolidate already developed sectors such as fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, and to explore new areas such as oils and dry products. To achieve these goals, the startup plans to double its workforce By recruiting nearly a dozen new talents, mainly technical files to strengthen product experience, in addition to sales personnel. This injection of capital will also allow the startup to accelerate its expansion at the European level, a market of nearly 300,000 manufacturers in the agri-food sector. Stokelp would like to develop its presence in Germany and l Holland.With this fundraiser, we want to go even further, and our goal is very ambitious: to become the European leader in the management of agro-food surpluses. Within 3 years, we want to reduce the waste of industrial raw materials by 50% by using our platform. This would equate to saving 800,000 tons of materials, or saving 2 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year. ”The founder continues. The platform already has it 2000 users With diverse profiles, ranging from small and medium businesses to large groups. It aims to double this number of users by the end of the year, thus strengthening the community of French and European industrialists wanting to improve their environmental impact.

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