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Kulay has international appeal: director Balaji Kumar

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Director Balaji Kumar is best known for his critically acclaimed film Vedemon (2013) Said is his next movie coli It has international appeal. The movie stars Vijay Anthony in the lead.

coli It’s a movie I made with a lot of love. I wanted to make a film of international standing. “So I chose to do haute couture,” said the director. south first.

Balaji Kumar noted, “When Indian films are seen elsewhere in the world, audiences get the impression that Indian cinema cares a lot about poverty. Few people know that India has another rich side. We have a very rich cultural heritage. I wanted to.” coli for an international call.

Well, it just means that the makers of the film will not only cater to the Tamil audience in India but will also take it internationally. If so, what other new markets in the world are their creators? coli Looking to login?

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They select the actors accordingly.

Vijay Anthony plays the lead detective. (available)

Balaji Kumar says, “When we started coli Four years ago, we intended to have a French and Spanish translation. The personnel for this murder mystery investigation have been selected accordingly.

He adds, “For example, we knew that Vijay Anthony could easily pass for a Mexican and Meenakshi Chaudhary, one of the heroines, has a French appearance. Since Ritika Singh has a Spanish appearance, we thought she might be accepted there.”

Vijay Anthony reviews the salt and pepper look in the film. He plays a detective named Vinayak.

The director says the look of salt and pepper was subconsciously in keeping with his profile, which he says has solved more than 200 cases.

Ritika Singh plays Vinayak’s assistant, Sandhya, while Meenakshi Chaudhary plays Laila, who is killed.

John Vijay appears as a cop named Mansoor Ali Khan and Siddhartha Shankar as Satish, Laila’s boyfriend.

The investigative thriller also features Murali Sharma as an agent named Aditya and Radhika as Rekha, the boss.

Director Balaji Kumar notes that audiences need more attention coli. “Well, there are very complex sequences. For example, there are flashbacks within flashbacks.”

To understand this, the audience must remain focused. “But I can assure you that it will be a very interesting experience,” the director says with a confident smile.

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