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FIFA Women’s World Cup | France Group Overview!

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Group F is one of the most lopsided groups of the 2023 Women’s World Cup, featuring two title contenders, France and Brazil, and two lesser-known CONCACAF teams, Panama and Spain. Jamaica.

France and Brazil should come out of this group with ease, but these two picks cannot afford to snub Jamaica and Panama. Here’s everything you need to know about the four teams in this group:

🇬🇧 France

FIFA Ranking: #5

World Cup history: four previous posts; Best result: Semi-finalist (2011)

Major international awards: /

France have reached the quarter-finals in the last three World Cups. So he doesn’t miss much to aim for victory in the semifinals and finals. Les Bleues will be looking to get ahead of the competition this year and look like they have all the assets on hand to make it happen.

Recent tactics and results

The preparations for the World Cup were marked by a number of dramatic events in the French camp. Indeed, a number of high-profile female players have announced that they will no longer play under management Corinne DeaconEx coach. After an internal investigation, the latter was fired and a search for a replacement began.

Hervé Renard He was eventually chosen as his successor, likely making him the first person to participate in two World Cups in the space of nearly six months. The team looks united again under him and he knows what it takes to win major slams, so France could be a force to be reckoned with in Australia and New Zealand.

France certainly has the necessary qualifications to compete with the best teams, as they qualified for the World Cup by achieving an ideal path and going to the semi-finals of the last European Championship. If the trigger happens instantly under Hervé Renard, the team can pick up the pace.

The main player

At 33, the French captain Wendy Fox She realizes that this may be the last chance for her and some of the other team members to win the World Cup.

At club level, she has won everything to win with Lyon. Wendy Renard has won 14 French Champion’s medals, as well as eight Women’s Champions League medals.

She is an imperial central defender who can also pose a threat in front of the net with her aerial prowess from set pieces, while her leadership skills will be essential to Le Bleu on and off the field.


Placed in a group of two of the lowest-ranked nations in the World Cup, France should qualify for the last 16 without a hitch.

Wendy Rennard also talked about improving her recent World Cup performance and getting to at least the last four. If she succeeds, she will definitely strive for the final victory.

🇯🇲 Jamaica

FIFA Ranking: No. 43

World Cup history: previous post; Fourth place in their group in the group stage (2019).

Major international awards: /

Having made its debut in the last edition of the World Cup, Jamaica will become the first Caribbean country to participate in the tournament twice in a row. However, the path to this return was not easy due to the lack of support from the Federation.

The situation got to the point that the team had to set up an independent fundraiser to pay their expenses. At the time this article was published, nearly $50,000 had been raised.

Recent tactics and results

Jamaica finished an impressive third in the CONCACAF qualifying stage, securing their ticket to the World Cup. Losses against the United States and Canada were not surprising, but the Jamaicans can be pleased with their victory over the other participants: the Haitians, the Costa Ricans and the Mexicans.

Lorne Donaldson He took over the team captaincy just before qualifying, and was an immediate success. He favored a 4-3-3 formation, relying on the skill and speed of the attacking line to disrupt opposition defenses during transitions.

The main player

The most important player in the success of Jamaica’s tactical setup is their centre-forward, who is their best player.

Khadija Shaw She is the most capped player and top scorer in her country’s history, with 55 goals in 38 matches. She has also averaged more than one goal per game for Manchester City this season, netting 31 goals in 30 matches.

The 26-year-old was involved in Jamaica’s first goal in the Women’s World Cup, to which she provided an assist, but failed to score herself. She’ll be eager to change that this time around.


As in 2019, Jamaica is unlikely to reach the knockout rounds as they are placed in a group with two teams in the top eight of the FIFA rankings. However, the Reggae Girlz could go for the best result in their history at the World Cup, as a third-place finish against Panama is entirely possible.

🇧🇷 Brazil

FIFA Ranking: #8

World Cup history: eight previous appearances; Best result: Finalist (2007)

Major international awards: Eight Copa América titles (1991, 1995, 1998, 2003, 2010, 2014, 2018, 2022)

The other main contenders in Group F are Brazil, who are one of the seven teams to have made it to every edition of the World Cup to date. They never win it, so they’re out to change that.

Brazil is one of seven teams that have participated in all editions of the World Cup so far. Brazilians have never won the World Cup and they will try to win this trophy.

Recent tactics and results

World Cup success eluded a two-time Olympic gold medalist Pia SundhageLike Brazil. She took over shortly after the last World Cup and it took her three years to win her first major trophy with the Brazilian national team at the last Copa America.

The Brazilians have already finished the tournament with a perfect record of six wins out of six, 20 goals scored and none conceded. In all matches, the team played in a 4-4-2 formation, but the players had great positioning freedom in practice, especially in attack.

The main player

Brazil is in a unique situation where the most important player may not play in every game.

Martha37, is the newest of the legendary Brazilian trio of formigaAnd Christina and herself. She announced that it was her last World Cup, prompting her teammates to say that they wanted to win the tournament to end their career on a high, as did the Argentine men’s team. Lionel Messi.

With 17 goals, Marta is the all-time leading scorer in World Cup history, but she is also looking forward to becoming the first player to score in six different World Cups. Her mere presence on the field would be a record, as she would become the first person to compete in six different World Cup tournaments.


Brazil’s last two World Cup seasons have been somewhat disappointing, with the Brazilians failing to advance past the knockout rounds. Going forward in the competition this year, it could be important to top the group before France, with the second likely to face Germany in the first knockout round.

The new generation of Seleção will want to present themselves on the world stage with an impressive campaign.

🇵🇦 Panama

FIFA Ranking: No. 52

World Cup history: There is no previous post

Major international awards: /

Panama, who are making their debut in the tournament, are the least expected team in this group, but their presence has already brought them a resounding success.

Recent tactics and results

Canal Girls qualified for this tournament at the end of the Inter-Union qualifiers by defeating Papua New Guinea and then Paraguay in two tense matches, as they did not concede any goal. Previously, they left their group in the CONCACAF qualifying stage with just one win.

Ignacio Quintana He has been at the helm of the Panamanian selection process for a few years and is thus the source of his recent successes. His tactics certainly helped, as his defensive 5-4-1 formation helped the Canal Girls narrow wins in crucial games. The back line will be tested during the World Cup.

The main player

She is only 23 years old and has made few appearances for her national team so far, however Riley TannerHe may be the top scorer for Panama in the World Cup finals.

During the Confederation playoffs, she stood out from the rest by scoring an amazing goal. The player can start building an unforgettable legacy with her national team in this tournament.


Panama should not be pressured during this tournament. All that matters to the team is giving a good image and enjoying the experience.

Translated article from the American magazine Forbes – Author: Neil Shilat

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