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Anthony Bourbon, Prince of Entrepreneurship

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Anthony Bourbon, who comes from a very poor family, was brought up Bordeaux In a particularly difficult climate with an abusive parent. At the age of seventeen, he found himself on the street. There, he multiplies odd jobs in parallel with his studies in order to survive. At the time, I had to ration myself at the end of the month. I didn’t eat enough. It was absurd to me Food is running out in a developed country like FranceAnthony Bourbon explains. My vision was to get access to food as easy as tap water. This is the idea that, a few years later, would see the birth of Feed. So in law school, Bordelais realizes that his course is not to his liking. Outside of class, he learns ways to make money. He is naturally drawn to real estate, and with his classmates, wielding financial clout thanks to their wealthy families, he makes club real estate deals. This is how you get started Entrepreneurial adventure by Anthony Bourbon. “Real estate allowed me to get started. It was a perfect balance with entrepreneurship, which is a great financial risk,” he explains.

His nose in business, the young entrepreneur no longer has time for himself. So much so that he does not have time to eat. Then he looks for a way to feed himself in a simple, fast and inexpensive way. By listing all files human nutritional needs And the quantities needed to strike a good balance, he enjoys creating mixes of ingredients with water in Thankful. The result is a very grainy taste, but the drink actually works and reduces hunger. The glycemic index is low, unlike fast food that uses a lot of sugar and only reduces hunger for two hours. “The bars allow you to digest for 6 or 7 hours,” explains Anthony Bourbon. It’s birth feed. Through aggressive marketing, businessman Girondin and his team create a sensation and touch a lot of people. Start-up is rising quickly 35 million euros And for the first time, the Pepsi brand is investing in France and acquiring a stake in Feed. For Anthony Bourbon, it all hinges on the story being told. “We have to make investors want to join us.”

At twenty-seven years old, his first entrepreneurial adventure was a big success. Thanks to this, he has access to a certain number of fundraising files of several startups. Impressed by his successful business talent, entrepreneurs turn to him to prepare their bids and invest in their businesses. Club deals idea, if she’s a bud in college Anthony Bourbon, clearly defined. I had a mediating role between investors and startups. It was fun but very time consuming. So I thought of a system that would make trades industrial to do more. That was the idea of ​​a file Automated club I was born. »

The serial entrepreneur is capitalizing on his notoriety and using social networks to make it happen Promote this new project. He adds his personal touch to it, confusing major investors with football stars and middle-class people who will invest 1,000 euros. A completely new concept that allows everyone to express their opinion, which is what Anthony Bourbon calls it blastclub. The name is in line with the principle, as it means take off. Through this private club, people can invest together with its founder from €1,000 to €80,000 per deal. with Unite 2500 members In just a few months since its launch in September 2022, the club is off to a fast start and has massive strike force in the French entrepreneurial scene. Success stems from Anthony Bourbon’s startup approach. “We want members to invest in at least 10 deals to make sure they are motivated and engaged in the movement. We are organizing events, videos And we Produce a lot of content To maximize the experience aspect of the club. For both members and startups, the club provides a gigantic network and the impact on staff turnover is immediate. The explosion, for its creator, is the logical continuation of his life. Because if Ved introduces him to entrepreneurship and gives him access to many files, then Blast is a continuation of what he did in college with his classmates. “I believe in destiny. When you do things well, the good comes back to you. For me, money is an outcome, not an end. The important thing is above all to remain authentic.”

Explosionthat it 20 employeesAnd 2500 members and at least 100 million euros for publication. In 2023 alone, ten deals have been funded. Exceptional numbers that will make the club the most active investor in it hexagon 2023, and the largest early-stage investor. The target is in sight 2024 to Anthony Bourbon, 500 million euros for its publication, the equivalent of 1.5 billion euros. “The power of the people is incredible. This is the future of investment. This decentralized investment that Blast offers makes it possible to invest a lot of money, but also to create a movement that brings together social classes, “explains the entrepreneur from Bordeaux. In addition to offering startup fundraising, Blast will allow in a few months To invest alongside Anthony in real estate transactions. Perfect for balancing your wallet. The club is also setting up a secondary platform where its members can resell their shares, creating a small portfolio that will provide liquidity on their shares.

Guardian for business

What does Anthony Bourbon do on a daily basis? Vision. that of Generational revenge. For a Bordeaux entrepreneur, where you come from is of no importance because fate dictates. Among successful people, he saw only heirs around him. “You have to think of yourself first in order to shine on others. He says that shining on others leaves an indelible mark. With ExplosionPerhaps we will succeed in creating a new way of investing in the world. I want to give back the money I make to see a real impact on the ecosystem. I can live my quiet life without having to work, but I am so passionate about what I do and I meet so many amazing people who make me want to make a difference. What motivates the CEO of Blast is to take a benevolent, timely look at people unaware of their potential. A look that will make the difference, like the one on him Melanie Dir, his ex-girlfriend and right-hand man in a vid, when he was on the street. to Anthony BourbonThe Blast’s role is to bring this insight back to entrepreneurs who traditional funds wouldn’t bet on. Entrepreneurs who started from nothing or came from the middle class that banks refuse to lend to. In The Blast Club, A.J discord room It brings together all members, thus allowing interaction between people of different, even opposing, backgrounds. Wealth, according to its founder, will make Blast the largest investment club in the world and reduce inequality between social classes. It is a daunting challenge for the Bordeaux entrepreneur, but he intends to use all his time and experience for the good of this mission. “People invest more readily in entrepreneurs with a similar educational background. We want to erase these selection biases. We invest not in a school career or social class, but in desire, merit, and business potential.”

Uninterrupted flexibility

In 2022, Anthony Bourbon has agreed to be a judge on the show Who wants to be my partner on M6. A decision that is perfectly in line with her desire to have good early stage startups. The man shines with his frankness and does not hesitate for a moment when he is admired. If he is already known in the world of entrepreneurship, the program gives him a new view, especially on social networks. “This show has been a godsend for me, but especially for entrepreneurship. It’s a way to address young people and show human stories that bear fruit. I believe strongly in evidence by example. For me, it’s a public benefit program because it launches careers,” confirms Anthony Bourbon, who according to his production m 6 France will Catch up with the United States In terms of entrepreneurship. We will have no problem distributing 100 million euros. I will make sure to continue to maintain my credibility to show what entrepreneurship is all about, without watering down. I’m flexible. »

this state of mind, CEO Deblast wears it everywhere. In everyday life as on television. And in this continuity, he released a book in 2022, Force Your Fate. A powerful book that parallels his way of thinking, explaining and developing through it all his difficulties, but also the strengths he acquired to succeed as an entrepreneur. A book he “would have liked to read when he was eighteen”. The book, first published by Michael Lavon, is a success, with over 10,000 sales in the first few months. It will be republished in 2024 by Pocket Editions, which just bought the rights.

In everything Anthony Bourbon undertakes, there are no limits. He takes revenge on life, and whatever the obstacles, he will rise to overcome them. who describes himself as bulldog »In his will not to leave, he has only one desire: to shake up the system. To turn things around in France, and to this end, to get up every morning with an unbroken will. “I have an iron will because all of this is beyond me. I have goals that go beyond my personal success. I am willing to sacrifice anything to make an impact.”

This article was written by: Dominique Bousso and Gayle Minaj

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