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Pierzo, the 3D visualization studio that is making a name for itself

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From a 3D perspective, Perzo leaves no room for chance, always striving to improve his creations to give life to architectural projects. Creativity and unwavering care give him exclusivity in this sector.

As a child, Loc Pierzo could lock himself in his room for hours to build bridges with Kapla. If this desire to build led him to embark on architectural studies, it was his passion for 3D that ultimately drove him all these years.
“During my architecture school, I devoted a large part of my time to executing my projects on 3D software in order to present them visually. The designs were really a catalyst for my passion for architecture, allowing me to escape into a world where my ideas came to life. While learning 3D modeling software on its own, two encounters would change his life.

The first crucial meeting took place with a teacher who truly revealed to him the endless possibilities offered by 3D in order to power his own creativity. The second is the most recent, with a major Swiss entrepreneur. “This man’s intense commitment to his business was a real motivator. I felt the urge to follow my aspirations and create my own path,” says Locke. So, honoring his father and accompanying his brother in this family and entrepreneurial adventure, young Pierzo founded his own 3D visualization studio in Annecy.

“Making 3D more than just an image”

Having become necessary to realize, with decision makers, clients or partners, new constructions, renovations and additions, 3D visualization makes it possible to enhance many projects.

If the 3D is enough, Loïc goes above and beyond by working on all the details and also creating an atmosphere to bring the concept to life and emotion. “3D studios in Spain, Eastern Europe and the United States inspire me greatly. Their ability to create beautiful visuals, tell captivating stories and evoke emotion for project presentation is fantastic. I aim to reach the same level of perfection, to turn 3D into a true art form, beyond just a picture.” Simple,” explains the 3D modeler.

To do this, the 3D visualization studio can design both still images and virtual tours, which are increasingly popular with customers. After designing the project on 3ds Max, one of the most popular programs, he used various rendering engines to render the best possible image quality for his accomplishments. Among them, we find the Unreal Engine, which is one of the most advanced 3D creation tools in the world and used in the Fortnite recording video game in particular. With a high-quality final rendering, the immersion in the building is more realistic and engaging.

proximity to its customers

With his vision of 3D production, Loïc sees in the details an opportunity to step up his work. His work on materiality and vegetation brings an immersive and realistic dimension to the project. The studio goes above and beyond, paying attention to the treatment of light, taking into account the power and temperature of the lamps planned by the architect, the direction of the sun and even the hour or month of the year! The goal is to find the happy medium between a picture so beautiful it makes you dream, while remaining in the reality of the project. “I am getting better and better every day,” says the entrepreneur.

Constantly in contact with his clients, architects, interior designers, designers, real estate developers or even private individuals, Loïc immerses himself in the spirit of the project. Whether in stakeholder offices or remotely, 3D Perspective positions itself as a partner for its clients and occasionally allows them to control the 3D visualization, allowing them to modify certain data such as camera position, orientation, opening, etc. With the ambition of becoming a major player in 3D in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and on a francophone scale, Studio Pierzo continues to evolve, always paying attention to each of its achievements. And to think it started with the stacking of planks in the bedroom…

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