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company | Mercedes-Benz puts women in the spotlight with its ‘She’s Mercedes’ programme.

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Kevlar wipes were invented by Stephanie Kowalek, Mary Anderson, and Margaret A.

In Mercedes-Benz, Bertha Benz is mentioned, the wife of one of the founders of the German brand, who in August 1888 made the first long trip by car in history. Women also have a place in automotive history which is why the German brand launched the “She’s Mercedes” initiative in 2015.

Dedicated mentoring program in France

More than four years ago, Mercedes-Benz wanted to move forward by spreading the initiative in France with an impact program aimed at supporting women towards entrepreneurship and advancing their venture. “Create and Daring” program, in which well-known mentors present their experiences and share their observations.

This year, the third season has been renewed and the national cast has received more than 200 applications across France. Six promising projects have been selected and will be able to benefit from various sessions of advice, coaching, peer exchanges, sharing of practical tools and networking as well as workshops related to the search for growth and profitability. strategy on social networks.

A “safe place” for bold women

Another human element is also planned to enhance their self-esteem and self-confidence, status and ability to defend their project and company. The initiatives implemented in this program allow the participants to feel that they are in a “safe place” to pass on their knowledge, build their networks, and also benefit from a significant acceleration in terms of fame and media coverage.

Finally, many events and luncheon meetings are organized throughout the year and many inspiring content is produced to help in the search for funding and profitability or to overcome barriers that prevent women from starting entrepreneurship – such as imposter syndrome, for example.

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