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“We will tear you apart” – Ukrainian soldiers stalking Russian commanders on Telegram

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Intercepted a phone call between a Russian A soldier and his wife revealed that Ukrainian forces sent messages to Moscow’s leaders on social media telling them: “We will tear you apart.”

sign in, Issued by the Ukrainian Military Intelligence Directorate (HUR), also reveals the apparently horrific treatment of wounded and dead Russian prisoners who were conscripted to fight in Ukraine.

It begins with the woman hanging the gharial Summer offensiveSay, “It’s not quiet there, is it?” »

The soldier replies: We have Khokhol [pejorative for Ukrainians] Hardware storage, everyone knows everything and nobody does anything.

“They write to the leader on Telegram when there is Internet. They tell him that “you are crazy” and that “we will tear you apart.” »

The pair then discuss the fate of Russian prisoners who have been conscripted into the army.

“They have traveled longer than they have fought,” said the soldier. When they come, they are cut into pieces. »

“Nobody ever follows them, and I don’t know how to get them out of here. You can’t get convicts out of here.”

Then his wife asks if they were receiving medical attention when they were injured. Her husband says: “I have no idea if they are receiving treatment.

The dead are here, buried somewhere. And that’s it – they’re MIAs [missing in action]. ”

He showed little sympathy for the convicted recruits, adding, “I don’t give them much [we make it] lodges. »

The soldier then reveals that he is approaching the front lines “where the shooting is taking place”. He tells his wife he will “dig,” adding, “The main thing is that we prepare.”

Then he adds grimly: “And we are not ready, we have nothing to prepare.

The Russian soldier’s identity and whereabouts have not been released, but many convicts conscripted to fight in Ukraine fought for Wagner in his battle for control. Bakhmut.

Leader of the Russian mercenary group. Yevgeny Prigozhinin May Recruit 10,000 prisoners to fight In Ukraine killed on the battlefield.

Over the past year, Prigozhin has visited Russian prisons in an effort to persuade prisoners to fight Wagner in Ukraine, in exchange for a promise of amnesty upon their return if they survive.

It is believed that the convicts They were used as cannon fodder in UkraineWhich accounts for most of Wagner’s losses.

“50,000 prisoners were captured, about 20% of them were killed,” Prigozhin said in a video.

A similar proportion was killed among those who signed a contract with Wagner, Prigozhin said, but he did not give an exact number.

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