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Quai de la Photo, the new art center in Paris

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A new art center located between Station F and Gare d’Austerlitz will open its doors on July 20 with an exhibition by renowned British artist Martin Parr. An area of ​​700m2 that innovates through its floating shape, it is put on barge as in its economic model with free exhibitions funded by their art training workshops.

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An art center designed as a living space

For Géraud Boursin, co-founder of Quai de la Photo, the idea is to develop a “community around contemporary photography” with a studio as “a creative space that allows photographers to work on location”, but also through partnerships with art schools. And adding, “The various activities proposed aim at democratizing culture through a place for life, and defiling the place for art.” A concept of artistic exhibition he has already applied to other editions: the barge Le Marcounet, specializing in jazz, FLUCTUART, an art center specializing in urban art, and LE DAPHNE, in the project, a barge specializing in world literature.

separate business model

“It is not an exhibition. There is nothing for sale. Entry is free, and mediation is free. It’s not a commercial place, says Nicola Loguero-Lasserre, second partner. With an annual cost of about €100,000, without government subsidies, the art center must be profitable by marketing cross-functional activities such as catering, events, bookstore or even photography courses. The main challenge, he adds, is “gaining credibility”. But make no mistake, ‘this artistic place is not designed to replace museums, it is rather a theatre, a walk for photographers before they can get to the MEP or Jeu de Paume. It is an intermediate place before going to more institutional places. Quai de la Photo is located in the The National Library of France, and announces a cadence of 4-5 exhibitions a year which should attract many students.

Martin Parr Gallery

The beach is like a “photo lab” for photographer Martin Parr in his exhibition Life is a Beach. Known for his soulful and ironic look at “mass tourism,” Martin Parr shares his special connection to the sea and vacation memories. “As a child, I used to go to beaches to people watch… By photographing the beach, it allows me to reconnect with my past childhood,” he tells us.

Quai de la Photo, 9 port de la Gare, 75013. Opening July 20th

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