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Automotive | Aston Martin DB12, on the Route Napoleon: Imperial!

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Then taking the wheel was a great find, even if the latest version, the DB11, showed off the brand’s sophistication. First good surprise, the sound emitted by this V8 It doesn’t spoil the fun of stopping by to hear the V12’s furious roar. That’s it. My car is equipped with an 8 box. The response time has been reduced according to the manufacturer, so much the better. It was not in the first kilometers of the splendid five-star hotel that welcomed us (Maybourne Riviera in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin) that could let us judge, but the resilience of the car, with the new suspension equipped with intelligent adaptive dampers, is an established fact.

We had to wait to be on that famous Road Napoleon to take the full measure of this engine and this box, as wellMulti ESPAlso offers preset driving modes (GT, Sport, Sport +)… It’s up to you to choose according to your driving skills! I didn’t hide my delight on this winding road which allowed some (small) overruns even if there was a slight downside I would have liked even less response time in gear shifting perhaps for more sportiness. We always want more!

What is certain, and it has always been this way with Aston Martin and even more so with DB, is that ‘class’ is always there and that’s *priceless… the price of the DB12 remains… 225,000 euros Basic, except for options. To which must be added the painful carbon tax 50,000 euros. Happiness has a certain cost!

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