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Flexibility and Efficiency: Simply Jet takes on the challenges of modern travel

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Simply Jet is a private jet charter brokerage that has established itself as a key player in redefining the luxury of air travel. Founded in 2016 by Yann-Guillaume Jaccard, Matthieu Orioli and Patrick Rossire, three former graduates of the prestigious Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), the company is growing rapidly and has just opened a new office in Paris, strengthening its presence in the market. .

Private aviation in the age of privatization

Gone are the days when private flying was exclusively reserved for the privileged elite. Today, this sector attracts a variety of clients, including business executives with busy schedules as well as individuals looking for confidentiality and convenience. However, these customers have high expectations for service and customization. In this context, Simply Jet distinguishes itself by combining the rigorous professionalism of the Swiss hotel industry with meticulous attention to detail and the individual needs of clients. “Perhaps high-tech private aviation needs a more human-oriented service,” says Yan-Guillaume Jacquard, co-founder of Simply Jet.

A fast-moving world requires flexibility

Modern travelers aspire to customize their trip to suit their time constraints, as well as their personal and professional requirements. “Being able to freely set their own schedule and route goes beyond the simple convenience of getting from point A to point B,” Yan explains.

In today’s global business environment, flexibility is more valuable than ever. Business travel often involves complex routes, tight schedules, and constant pressure to maximize efficiency.

Additionally, private travelers seek to avoid the restrictions and inconveniences of commercial flights. As Yann-Guillaume Jaccard points out, “There are two primary elements that come to mind when customers book a plane: time savings, the last real luxury, and value for money.” Simply Jet takes these two aspects into consideration, to deliver a premium travel experience that combines excellent services with competitive pricing.

For a balanced organization of private aviation

In the face of growing concerns about the environmental impact of flying, Simply Jet has taken proactive steps to contribute to a more sustainable future. The company offers its customers 100% offset of the direct and indirect emissions of its flights in partnership with MyClimate, which makes flights neutral in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Recognizing the need for environmental regulation, the company supports the introduction of additional government taxes to regulate the activity in general. Yan-Guillaume Jacquard insists on this point: “We think it is possible to reconcile these two elements, but these taxes must be centered at the European level.”

With an impressive 55% annual growth, Simply Jet is emerging as a major player in the private aviation space. By actively responding to the demands of flexibility and customization, and by emphasizing people, the company offers an approach that contrasts with traditional practices in the sector.

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