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work | Transfer of wages: HR solution to overcome the shortage of candidates

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In the third quarter of 2022, DARES identified 372,100 vacancies across France, reflecting the recruitment difficulties currently faced by 71% of French companies. While the number of job offers increases by 30%, the number of applications decreases by 50%. Since the pandemic, applicants have been in a position of strength, with differing expectations, forcing employers to adapt their recruitment methods.

Companies are reviewing their recruitment standards and methods

Companies are rethinking their habits in order to find the future employees they desperately need. In certain sectors, such as the hotel and restaurant industry, which are severely understaffed, the sacred resume is no longer mandatory. According to a very recent survey by Indeed, 86% of recruiters are willing to accept a candidate who does not possess all the skills required for the position, but who meets other criteria.

Therefore, experts recommend that job candidates be bold and show during the interview that they have the necessary soft skills, are motivated, and have the will to train. 54% of the respondents are aware that the vacancy can be given to an applicant who lies about his background and experience if he knows how to highlight his added value. 75% of recruits are willing to lower their requirements in terms of educational level and school type. 23% and 22%, respectively, agree to compromise job-specific skills or language skills.

This development should benefit extraordinary candidates, who are often far removed from the world of work, including the young and the elderly. When writing an ad, 41% of HR managers plan to be encouraged to work. This is a unique integration opportunity for them.

12 proposals to meet the huge demand in the digital field

Digital professions have also been hit hard by a shortage of candidates. However, by 2030, demand in this field should increase, with 1,600,000 jobs expected. For reference, between 2018 and 2021, the number of vacancies increased by 6% annually, and last year 85,000 of the 945,000 available positions were not filled, which is 10% of the supply.

If not resolved quickly, the situation threatens to hamper the economy, preventing the normal functioning of businesses and administrations. As a result, the influential think tank issued 12 proposals aimed at making the sector more attractive and meeting the growing demand for skills. within they:

  • provide a precise definition of the so-called digital professions;
  • Launching a public information campaign about these professions, targeting in particular young people;
  • Introducing digital education into the curriculum from middle school;
  • increasing the number of P-TECH classes in vocational high schools;
  • Encourage retraining and training, especially for women.

Transfer of wages, in response to staffing difficulties

Wage transfer attracts a growing number of self-employed workers, who benefit from both greater autonomy and broad social protection. This introduces a new form of employment It carried multiple employee benefits But also companies. Here are the seven major advantages of corporate wage transfer:

  1. They are freed from administrative restrictions, which are entirely provided by the transport company: drafting contracts, social and tax returns, paying mandatory social security contributions, creating a payment voucher, paying the net salary to the transferred employee, updating individual activity on the day of reckoning …
  2. Collaboration is established very quickly, avoiding the long, tedious and costly recruitment process while ensuring that the experience and diligence of each consultant has been thoroughly vetted by the leading firm.
  3. They have access to high-profile profiles: professional retraining executives, independent experts, retirees who combine their pensions with income from professional activity.
  4. Consultants bring experience gained within other firms in the same or different areas, as well as a fresh perspective and new approaches that are beneficial to the client.
  5. They underestimate their salary and related fixed costs, because they are billed for services corresponding to the agreed fee.
  6. Wage portage is the solution to cost flexibility, allowing customers to meet a specific skill need when and for how long.
  7. Companies control their budget and keep their cash flow in balance. Finally, they have the ability to plan missions and plan resources accordingly.

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