Home News Tomato prices have soared 400% in India as heatwaves and floods hit crops

Tomato prices have soared 400% in India as heatwaves and floods hit crops

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Heatwaves and severe floods have sent tomato prices up 400% in India, as the crops require “bodyguards”.

Severe climatic conditions in India affect crops, with tomato crops being particularly affected.

Tomatoes have become so expensive that stores need “bodyguards” to protect them, Vice News reports.

Prices have risen 400% in recent weeks, with a kilogram now costing more than a liter of petrol.

What is behind the tomato shortage in India?

Heavy and scorching rain heat waves It has caused floods, landslides and hundreds of deaths in India in recent weeks. The amazing weather also meant the country faced severe tomato shortages as the disease devastated the crops.

Prices in major cities such as Mumbai and Delhi have risen from 40 rupees (€0.44) per kilo to more than 160 rupees (€1.76), according to The Guardian. Just a few months ago, the commercial price of tomatoes It fell to less than rupees (€ 0.02), devastating farmers.

As a staple in much of Indian cuisine, many households are now turning to canned goods to fill the void.

until fast food McDonald’s has announced that it will no longer serve tomatoes.

Has risen costs It has also led to looters targeting farms and delivery trucks, Vice reports.

India faces fatal weather fluctuations

In June it is hot A hot wave India experienced temperatures of up to 43.5 degrees Celsius.

Hospitals were overwhelmed in two of the most populous states and morgues were filled to capacity, killing nearly 170 people.

July hasn’t brought much relief, and this week New Delhi recorded its wettest July in 40 years. Flood At least 100 people were killed in northern India.

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued red alerts (highest alert level) in the northern states of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab and Haryana, as heavy rains triggered floods and landslides.

India is not the only country that has faced deadly floods in recent weeks. Japan It experienced the “heaviest rain ever” earlier this week, while the US state of Vermont is currently dealing with catastrophic rains that led to the declaration of a state of emergency.

Heavy rains also hit parts of Europe, with a state of emergency declared in the northwest Bulgaria Last month.

Extreme weather events are likely to become more frequent and more extreme due to anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases, green area to caution.

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