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Nika whiskey highlights a new spirit in its range: vodka. Offering a delicate taste of barley and corn, discover Nikka Coffey vodka through a unique recipe full of originality. Find Nikka Coffey vodka in stores and on the Maison du whiskey website.

ingredients :

4.5 cl of Nika Coffee vodka.

1.5 cl pisco.

3 cl of fresh lemon juice.

0.25 cl of hibiscus and mung bean syrup.

1.5 cl of egg white

to prepare :

In a shaker, pour 4.5 cl of Nika Coffee vodka. Add 1.5 cl of pisco,
3 cl of fresh lemon juice and 0.25 cl of hibiscus and mung bean syrup. add 1.5 cl

of egg whites. Fill a large cup with ice cubes. Shake vigorously for 15 seconds. Strain the contents of a shaker and serve directly into a tart glass. Decorated with hibiscus flowers.

6. Norman Mojito

The must-have summer cocktail revisited by French Spiriterie (Château du Breuil, Normandy)! Discover their Mojito Normandy recipe based on their lovely two-year-old calvados that combines fruity notes of apple with subtle flavors of mint. Made in Normandy, this cocktail will perfectly accompany your glamorous moments on the terrace!

ingredients :

6 cl of Calvados soda and ginger
2 teaspoons of brown sugar

10 mint leaves

1⁄2 lemon

to prepare :

In a diamond cup, place ½ lemon, sliced ​​in 4. Add 2 teaspoons brown sugar. Smash to get the juice out. Clap the mint leaves with your hand and put them in the cup. Add 6 cl of soft calvados. Fill the glass with ice cubes. Top with ginger soda.

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