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Why and how to diversify your investments in times of inflation?

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Asset reallocation relates to all types of investments. So, Sonya Benjamin, from Arkea Briefly summarizing: “Given the latest developments in the market, we are reducing positions in cyclical stocks (risk of margin squeeze) and real estate assets (impact of rising interest rates on valuations) and returning to more cautious allocations by investing in interest rate products (term accounts, market Money, bonds, etc.) and stocks in defensive sectors such as health or infrastructure. »

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“With the aim of achieving higher returns, investors should also look to more affluent segments, particularly by diversifying into alternative products in the unincorporated sector with private debt and private equity that are left out of the daily market glut. Investments represent the portfolios of clients. Finally, it is exciting It is interesting to pay attention to emerging countries, including those in Asia, that are no longer subject to inflationary pressures. Xavier Baratton HSBC AM.

High volatility in stock markets is prompting investors to renew their interest in structured products that allow partial or full capital guarantees with large coupons. “Structured products are a good solution in the short term. However, you need to think about them carefully and get help from professionals, ”analyses Julien Magitrie de Com. Real estate is still attractive to Asset diversification Even if it is currently going through a complex phase, on the one hand, sellers who are struggling to sell at prices lower than they were a few months ago in the inflationary context, and on the other hand, potential buyers who prefer to wait for a fall in prices before investing and facing more credit difficulties due to high interest rates. An investment site “Value Added” It appears to be a good compromise while waiting for the market to resume more normal activity,” he concluded Suleiman Jean Jldima by Alphacap.

When deals are good, big investors often pre-empt them. In terms of investment, it is not so much the largest that eats the smallest as the fastest that eats the slowest.

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