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Supporters of the Tour de France have caused multiple accidents resulting in injury to cyclists

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Distracted fans caused multiple crashes on the Tour de France route this weekend, resulting in cyclists injured, lost time, and even giving away one.


  • Steve Krass, a Belgian cyclist finished thirteenthH At the time of his crash on Saturday, he suffered severe bruising to his groin and elbow, which forced him out of the race after week one as a fan wasn’t paying attention to the race and got in the cyclists’ way, according to Filo. , a cycling media outlet owned by Outside magazine.
  • A Steve Karras collision also slowed the fourth and eleventh cyclists – Britain’s Simon Yates and Spain’s Mikel Landa – who lost about 47 seconds in the race; Philo reports that Simon Yates and Steve Krass were in contention for the podium in this year’s race before crashing.
  • In a second incident caused by the crowd, French cyclist Liliane Calmejan crashed when a fan waved a Raymond Poulidor memorial banner made of jerseys and got stuck in his bike, EuroSport reports. Lillian Kalmagne managed to catch up with her team chirp He said he would continue racing but asked fans to “be careful when the peloton passes”.

main context

Accidents caused by fans are common in the Tour de France. Event organizers released a video ahead of this year’s race asking fans to “respect the cyclists’ efforts” by protecting their children during the race and not running alongside them, which could lead to catastrophic accidents for cyclists. In 2021, a fan holding a sign and standing on the side of the road with its back to the approaching group of cyclists caused an accident involving the entire peloton and a few fans. The BBC said the woman was later fined around 1,000 euros and insulted online after two riders had to leave the race and eight people were injured following her accident.

Interesting quote

“When a spectator is more than a meter ahead of the road and not moving when the peloton arrives, he’d better stay home. You disrespect cyclists. I really hope you feel guilty! I should be leaving @LeTour because of you,” Steve Krass tweeted after Saturday’s incident.

Tweet from cyclist Steve Krass. screenshot

Translated article from the American magazine Forbes – Author: Molly Bohannon

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