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WeCan Group: Best European Blockchain Technology Solution in the WealthBriefing European Award

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leader | WeCan group Named “Best Blockchain Solution” at the 11th edition of the WealthBriefing European Awards 2023.

With this new award, WeCan Group joins a select circle of global players who have earned a total of 9 WealthBriefing Awards in just 3 years. These awards, which highlight European excellence, recognize outstanding organizations categorized by discipline and geography, which, according to the prestigious panel of independent judges, “have demonstrated their innovation and excellence over the past year”.

WealthBriefing Award, which is an award of excellence

the Wealth Briefing Award It is a prestigious recognition bestowed upon outstanding individuals and organizations in the wealth management industry. The program, now in its eleventh year, is organized by WealthBriefing, a trusted source of information and information in the wealth management industry. The awards aim to recognize achievement, performance and innovation in the European wealth management market.

To ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the process, the Awards employ three separate judging panels. Each team is responsible for evaluating specific groups to ensure impartiality and avoid conflicts of interest. The judges include trusted advisors, a family office, banking professionals, and expert technology valuation experts. Each judge signs a confidentiality agreement to ensure the confidentiality of the applications they review.

The WealthBriefing Award is well respected in the wealth management industry, providing well-deserved recognition to exceptional people, teams, products and services. Its long-term success and independent selection process contribute to its credibility and reputation. By celebrating achievement and promoting excellence, the WealthBriefing Award plays a vital role in driving innovation and raising industry standards.

WeCan: Securing data and privacy with the blockchain

WeCan is above all Passionate and collaborative team Which makes the blockchain accessible to more than 100 institutional clients daily. Their mission is clear: to develop decentralized software solutions that pave the way for the digital trust infrastructure of the future.

WeCan focuses on creating functional and practical solutions, designed to have real impact in the real world. The team strongly believes in the potential of Web 3.0 and aims to build the future by exploiting its potential.

At the heart of WeCan’s offering is the Wecan token. Built on blockchain infrastructure, it is at the heart of a suite of products designed to revolutionize communications and compliance. We can comply Simplifies compliance processes, while Wecan Connecta Web 3.0 instant messaging service, provides secure and private communication channels.

What sets WeCan apart from other players in the industry is its commitment to privacy and data security. They prioritize the privacy of customer data and ensure that it remains under the exclusive control of its owner. Using blockchain technology, they have created a decentralized network that puts security first.

WeCan’s values ​​are core to their entrepreneurial mindset, challenging the status quo and igniting innovation. They strive to make data standardized and interoperable, and to promote accessibility for all users. Their commitment to accessibility is underpinned by their user-centric approach, focusing on the needs of individuals and businesses.

WeCan’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its compliance with ISO 27001, demonstrating its commitment to maintaining the highest standards in information security. Certifications obtained from IQNET and SQS reinforce its position as a leader in compliance and secure, blockchain-based communication.

WeCan Connect: A secure, private and compliant messaging solution

WeCan Connect It is the group’s secure messaging platform, and like the latter, it places great importance on privacy, security, and compliance. Its 100% Swiss app allows free communication while maintaining confidentiality thanks to blockchain technology. For businesses, WeCan Connect provides a secure environment for communication, compliance and reputation protection.

Source: WeCan Connect

The main feature of the platform is the privacy of phone numbers, which is used to create unique identities without sharing or storing them. Joining Circles allows users to connect with like-minded people, while forwarded messages and logs are tamper-proof and auditable to ensure communication integrity.

Businesses benefit from biometric locks for messages, internal and external communication capabilities, as well as auditable exchanges thanks to Wecan Chain’s proprietary blockchain. Additional features include a web app for efficient communication, advanced management tools, and the ability to store data locally for complete control.

WeCan Connect enables individuals and organizations to connect privately, protect their data, and comply with regulations. WeCan Connect also offers all the opportunities of Web3, thanks to its Wecan Token. Messages to earn, Share to earn, Connect to earn are all possibilities accessible thanks to this utility icon. It is a complete secure messaging solution, allows users to communicate with confidence, earn rewards with it, and has a distributed data storage infrastructure.


As the world embraces the transformative potential of blockchain technology, WeCan is positioning itself at the forefront, paving the way for a more decentralized and secure future. With their collaborative spirit and innovative solutions, they shape the digital confidence of the future. get this new Wealth Briefing Award It only strengthens users’ trust, earned or potential, to the group and establishes their leadership in the field of digital trust.

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