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Babbel for Business, the premier solution for your multilingual teams

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Jobs that require knowledge of the language have become very popular in the labor market. A leader in online learning, Babel is a platform designed to help companies access language training and other training content in many foreign languages. Babel is ranked as the world’s most popular educational innovator ever!

Globalization and the industrialization of commerce are becoming international, blurring our borders a little more every day. Today, knowing how to speak a foreign language is no longer an advantage, but a real necessity in the world of work. Babbel Founded in 2007 in Berlin by Markus Witter and Thomas Holl, in just 15 years Babbel has become the most popular language learning app in the world with millions of paying customers. A team of 1,000 members from over 60 different nationalities work every day in Berlin and New York to make language learning possible for everyone. Its digital solution offers a complete learning experience that includes: app, video classes (group or one-on-one sessions), a method also called blended learning.

The Babel ecosystem also includes files for learning English online

This method is useful in more ways than one. Flexibility is the key word. The learner chooses the time period and method of studying, either face-to-face with a certified instructor or via the app. It also allows for regular practice, even if the learner only has about fifteen minutes a day. Another major advantage for companies is the possibility to choose learning subjects related to the field of activity of the professional sector. The Babbel ecosystem also includes online English learning podcasts, videos, games, and a magazine. The platform thus offers more than 60,000 lessons in 14 languages, developed by more than 180 educational experts. Lessons focus on business necessities: email writing, presentation, group work covering business topics, with key business English vocabulary translated into French, but also into other languages.

The B2B offer offers exclusive tailor-made business services for HR and ETI managers, as well as executives of European training institutions and SMEs, for all types of activities. Babbel for Business has developed an administrative portal, transferable licenses, usage reports, and customer support. More than ever, Babbel for Business is making the workplace the second best place to learn a foreign language. Convinced that learning a language provides everyone with the opportunity to develop and acquire new, useful, transferable skills, Babbel helps companies deliver the most appropriate language training to their teams. The real assets of global communication in the company. Speaking the language of the client also makes it possible to conclude better deals, to negotiate better.

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