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Qatar is satisfied with the «World Cup»

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In general, Qatar presented the face of A Quiet country Where security is not a vague concept, it is appropriate, and where individual freedoms are respected. “As long as we respect our culture too,” we systematically remind Qatari officials, who view this form of reciprocity as a satisfying balance. There was also an admixture of the population which created a happy affinity. Among Palestinian and Israeli supporters, Russia and Ukraine, for example. An offer in line with Doha’s political will Acting as mediators in the international arena. A Qatari diplomatic source told us that “in many arenas of conflict, we maintain a balanced position that allows us to talk to all sides.” It has not always been easy, but we are determined to play a positive role in promoting any dialogue or mediation efforts aimed at ending conflicts peacefully. This unique situation allows this tiny kingdom, just to count 350 thousand subjects (Country is important 80% are foreigners of 2.6 million people) to survive strongly in the face of potential threats posed by its powerful neighbours.

That remains The State of Qatar He would like to benefit from a more favorable treatment in the Western press, dwelling more willingly on his unbridled lobbying in the European Parliament than on his latest political and social developments. Qatar recently abolished the sponsorship system for foreign workers, which obliges foreign workers to hand over their passports to their Qatari employers, exposing them to the goodwill of the latter, while this Qur’anic text is still found in other countries in the region, even in Dubai, which is generally presented. As the most open emirate. Qatar also injected A Democratic breathing in its political system by deciding to elect some of its representatives in parliament by the people, along with those appointed by the supreme authority. These topics are rarely mentioned in the international press and the soft power of football hasn’t changed anything.

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