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It’s the holiday! | Delightful summer in Qatar

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The FIFA World Cup is over, however, the interest around Qatar has not diminished! The host country has proven to be an attractive, welcoming and vibrant area in the eyes of the many visitors who came to the community during the planetary competition. There are those who – for several years already – have considered Qatar the ideal candidate for their holidays … In this procession we now find new converts to the destination. Discover the pearl of the Gulf in the Middle East.

Halfway between Europe and Asia, visitors discover a confident country that looks to the future with enthusiasm and vision. This small country of 2.7 million people is taking its time to build innovative tourism complexes, when other neighbors show earthly madness with the aim of occupying the media space non-stop, until saturation! This Gulf country is committed to implementing the same strategy to build champions in all categories, such as the Arabic channel No. 1, Al-Jazeera, which is called today by other giant companies: CNN, BBC … for certain contents that managed to win exclusivity in the world.

As for Qatar Airways, the aircraft manufacturer was crowned “Best Airline in the World” for the seventh time according to the record-breaking Skytrax ranking.

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The ‘crown jewels’ contribute to the aura/soft power of the emirate. When it comes to tourism, nothing is necessarily left to chance! Qatar has commissioned its own cultural buildings from leading architects, such as the National Museum of Qatar (Jean Nouvel) or the Museum of Islamic Art (Euh Ming Pai). As for the main shopping center in the country, called “Place Vendome”, it takes its name from this tricolor symbol, the quintessence of luxury. This mall offers an unparalleled seven-star shopping experience. The epicureans we are present will also find one of the most complete gastronomic scenes on the peninsula with tables signed by Alain Ducasse, Akram Bennal, Nobu, Jean-Georges Vongerichten or Gordon Ramsay …

Qatar National Museum © Qatar Tourism

But then where do you start? Forbes shows you the way.

Get lost in the city, museums and nature

As an introduction, it is a good idea to start with a visit to the National Museum to delve into the history of this country which today takes center stage. The building in the form of a sand rose, the work of Jean Nouvel, narrates in three acts the birth, traditions and development of a nation. From prehistoric times to our time, there are eleven galleries to discover at your own pace or with a French-speaking guide. Among the most impressive are the Baroda pearl carpet decorated with more than 1.5 million pearls, rubies and diamonds, or the Zubarah Koran, which is the oldest copy made in Qatar.

Masterpieces rubs shoulders with exhibitions by artists from all walks of life. The rich program evolves over the months and ventures into contemporary art as well as Atelier des Lumières’ digital and immersive style.

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Changing the view towards the village of Katara, located between the West Bay and the Pearl. This destination within a destination attracts locals, expats, and transit travelers en masse. Far from skyscrapers and sterile hotel residences, Katara Village is characterized by its buildings of traditional architectural style crossed by small alleys leading to many different places and many experiences. Along the way, stop at the open-air amphitheater where concerts, live performances, and film festivals are held regularly.

Artists, from here and elsewhere, give high-level performances and invite us to take another look at this country as it is also culturally exploding.

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Then we take off our shoes to enter the opulent Ottoman-inspired Katara Mosque. Its blue and gold tiles are reminiscent of the Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul. As for the Golden Mosque, also known as the Golden Mosque, it is covered in mosaics shimmering with a thousand sparkles. So many treasures to make us want to leave with lovely folk souvenirs to shop at one of the many zouk-style stalls.

Near the central corridor of Katara Plaza, you can also play a fashionista in the luxury shopping mall.

You could easily spend hours there! So there is enough to satisfy your hunger from breakfast to dinner. The charm of the place is that you can eat gourmet as well as stroll for a short time, depending on your preference!

Head to the mangroves of Al Dhakaira to enjoy a natural side of Qatar. Postcard defeating image of a binary destination stuck between desert and seashore. Khor Al Ubaid beach is at a 45-minute drive, and is a lush paradise that is resistant to the harsh summer temperatures. There, animals and plants reveal their mineral profile composed exclusively of Ibn Sina Marina, The tree that covers this vast forest. Home to more than 100 species of birds including many migratory birds (gull, cormorant, mallard) as well as the largest flamingo species, the pink flamingo (November to April), the mangrove park is a breath of fresh air. oxygen.

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The palace celebrates!

A trip to Qatar is also a promise: savor fine dishes in stunning settings! Over the years, the destination has become an epicurean fortress capable of satisfying all gastronomic requirements. Moreover, our French chefs have the upper hand like Akram Ben Allal who exports his Shirvan table – located on the Place de l’Alma – on the Qatari Riviera, The Pearl. In this royal outpost, we embark on a culinary journey along the Silk Road from Azerbaijan to Iran via China and Lebanon with stops in Algeria, where the Michelin-starred chef comes from.

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The bowls unfold, forming the ridges, the mountains, the abundance of fresh herbs lining the valleys of the grain, the bread crust is a land that pulses, smokes, glows with browns, yellows, bronze reflections, in a light impossible to be. described, the stream is suddenly a landscape traversable with fingers. A dune of rice topped with mutton, scents of orange blossom, countless almonds, fresh festival, fried, roasted, smoked, pink, green, blue, vermilion wonders, everything blends, blends. a result ? You need to book your table ahead of time…

Another star hat must-visit is Alain Ducasse, the chef with twenty stars listed in the Red Guide (a record!). At his restaurant Jiwan (which means “perfect pearl” in Arabic), he invites us to explore the local land with a touch of tricolor. On the piano of this score is a terrific team of butlers led by Executive Chef Morgan Perego and his friend Jeremy Cheminade. The establishment located on the fourth floor of the National Museum offers a six-course menu (or à la carte, of course) that introduces us to the essence of Qatari cuisine.

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Baked eggplant is placed on a bed of yogurt soaked in an argan oil bath mixed with dried fruits and pomegranate seeds. A specialty loved by the locals. Next comes the famous lamb dish where minced meat combines with a succulent preparation of marinated bulgur wheat, black cumin, cardamom, cloves, tomatoes and butter to create the puree. After tasting, we understand the passion about this heritage recipe. A mouthwatering tale to experience in a timelessly elegant decor, the atmosphere reviving sea and desert.

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This meeting was reproduced in colors that fluctuate between sand, turquoise, and aquamarine blue, in the cutlery, and even the exquisite clothing of the multilingual staff. Most ostentatious, four million Swarovski glass pearls hang from the ceiling which reproduce a beautiful dance… The eye wanders through the air as it looks out, irresistibly enchanted by the Riviera scenery.

During his stay, we also plan to dine at Al Marjan Restaurant, another hotspot to know. We eat the best of Lebanese cuisine in very generous portions. Feasts can last for hours! It’s also the festive and friendly atmosphere that keeps you there.

There are many other experiences to enjoy, so gastronomy can become the main reason for your trip.

As for accommodation, we dropped our bags at the St. Regis Doha, a huge hotel with a distinctive silhouette. And for good reason, it is one of the oldest establishments in the capital, a five-star luxury hotel where time does not stop. Huge steel oryx erected as temple guards at the entrance invite you to drive at full speed in their suites with sumptuous comfort, within their many relaxing and epicurean spaces. We share the pleasure of lounging in its Olympic-sized swimming pool or the beautifully landscaped private beach. bonus? We treat ourselves to one of the most beautiful sunsets to contemplate!

Here you can get vitamin D on land, sea and air

Like an endless summer. Whatever the season, you can don sunglasses and a swimsuit to switch between watery pleasures. The catalog of activities is infinitely expandable: kayaking, water skiing, diving, windsurfing, water skiing, parasailing, traditional cruises… Every day is a new experience.

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