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HISTOIRE & PATRIMOINE BRING HISTORICAL PLACES TO LIFE From historic monuments to small buildings in the city centre, the real estate operator specializes in the rehabilitation of old buildings and design programs that are part of participating in the program.

Preserving heritage is a real challenge that Histoire & Patrimoine, a subsidiary of the ALTAREA group – pioneers in the urban transformation of territories, has taken on for more than thirty years. Castles, abbeys, abbeys, factories or buildings in the heart of the city… With around thirty launches a year, Histoire & Patrimoine has made it possible for thousands of condominiums to see the light of day while providing exceptional properties. “By switching to old buildings instead of new ones, the investor also participates in protecting our architectural heritage,” confirms Agnès Rouviac, Deputy Director General for History and Heritage.

Accommodation has been delivered

Thanks to a network spread throughout the territory, Histoire & Patrimoine identifies places that can benefit from a real estate program within which the real estate is redistributed according to the needs of its clients. From the design of the property to the arrival of the first tenant, including commercial support and delegated project management, various History and Heritage departments oversee the entire property chain in order to control the slightest aspect.

Rare experience

In France, the renovation of old residences is subject to many standards and requirements. Thus, Histoire & Patrimoine surrounds itself with local artisans, now including precious crafts, and thus contributes to the development of unique know-how. His experience in rehabilitation proved such that in 2021 he was called upon by the DRAC to restore the castle of the Duke of Epernon in Fontenay-Trésigny, then in precarious condition.

In France, the renovation of old housing is subject to many standards and requirements.

Investing in ancient stone: a social and sustainable approach

“History and heritage everyone wants to live in a castle,” explains Agnès Rouviac. By choosing to grow their assets with Histoire & Patrimoine and thus benefit from the beneficial tax arrangements, the client and investor will offer the tenants an exceptional living environment. “It’s always touching to see these kids riding bikes in the front yard of Grands Moulins de Paris.” The former flour mill is located in Marquette-lez-Lille, which was renovated in 2021 and now has 246 residential units. The Royal de Maisons-Laffitte, the Pensionnat de Juilly, or more recently the Abbey of Saint-Nicolas in Vitré are exemplarily executed realizations which nonetheless fall into the range of the wager. By also renovating downtown buildings, Histoire & Patrimoine helps enhance these areas while revitalizing local life: renovating old emits 30% to 70% less carbon dioxide than building new.”

Finally, being part of the History & Heritage family christened “unique” takes on its full meaning at a time when it’s more necessary than ever to preserve what we already have.

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