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How do you run a CAC 40 company?

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a job | BNP Paribas, Danone, Carrefour, L’Oréal, and Alstom are all brands that we frequent every day. Like the other 35 French companies, it is part of a very closed circle of “CAC 40 companies”. Their turnover amounts to tens of billions of euros and their influence goes beyond our borders. How is this giant managed? What strategies do they adopt to stay competitive? investigation.

Since 1987, the companies in CAC 40 It has undergone changes in response to economic fluctuations, technological developments, and financial crises. Investors, financial analysts and the media all over the world follow the plights of these giants of the French industrial landscape. through their exposure and Leadership in the international marketThe 40 companies that make up this index face complex challenges, such as administratively managing too many employees, managing financial and operational risks and adapting to regulatory and economic changes.

CAC 40 companies also bear a great responsibility towards shareholders, customers, employees, and society in general. These companies own forty market cap the highest in our country, which makes entry into the standard highly desirable. In addition to the fact that there must be a company outgoing, in order for another company to be included in this prestigious index, companies must meet strict criteria. Eliane Royer Chevaliera financial expert and member of the board of directors of Legrand, recalls this CAC 40 membership is determined by market capitalization, liquidity share, transparency and compliance with regulatory standards.. These companies aim to generate revenue and make a profit By setting pricing policies and rewarding its employees, investors and shareholders. They achieve average 80% Its turnover is international and it has a large presence in many countries, which allows it to adapt to local characteristics and better meet customer expectations.. A large part of their capital is between 40 and 45%also owned by foreign investors.

Running a CAC 40 company is very different from running a smaller, more traditional company. Its strategy is developed internally by the directors and submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.

Strict communication plans

The relationship with shareholders is a crucial aspect of running a CAC business, as they have direct financial interest in the decisions made by managers. This relationship is based on regular and transparent communication of the company’s strategy, financial results, investment projects and governance. Shareholders, who are represented by the board of directors, have the role of overseeing and validating the strategy proposed by the company’s directors, and they can influence some important decisions through voting at general meetings. »

These companies play an important role in representing France abroad and helping to convey the image that other countries have of France. “Their image has a great influence on their evaluation because they are well-known and recognized brands not only in France, but also abroad.” Communication and the image of CAC 40 companies are areas that Patricia Goldman, CEO of the communications consulting agency of the same name, has mastered it perfectly for more than twenty-five years. according to her opinion, “These companies’ communication strategies are very precise and precise. They are very careful about the messages they broadcast and the communication channels they use, because each post can have a huge impact on their reputation.”

Large groups have strict communication plans to maximize their impact. “To our internal communication teams, we recommend working in sequence when we have messages to convey, to be more impactful and really visible in the abundance of media. That’s why we choose the right means of communication, identify the strategy and the elements of language. You have to play on excessive closeness, hence the importance of PQR and speaking with the largest as many people as possible.”

In addition to the traditional press, social networks They are important accelerators for the communication of these large companies. “Social networks are the main indicators of a company’s image. In a good sense as well as in a bad one, because when the paper is good, we see the community react and grow. In the event of problems or bad articles, information also spreads quickly.” in managing such crises, Patricia Goldman It gives an exact answer: We try to see them come in to reduce the damage and to prepare the battle plan. And when that happens, the response must be prompt, accurate, and above all honest. »

The challenge of social dialogue

With a turnover of billions of euros, CAC 40 companies employ tens of thousands of people and have a significant impact on the country’s economy. To stay competitive, they must be able to improve the work of their teams. Benoit SiriAndrh’s vice president and director of human resources at L’Oreal FranceExplain that Human resource management is still relatively dependent on the economic situation. The larger the company, the more important human resource management is and the more resources are distributed. Thus, it is up to the largest companies to set an example in social responsibility. » Benot Serre emphasizes that effective payroll management is about adapting to the location and cultural context of the company. This requires clear internal process logic to ensure fair treatment of employees. » However, this goal remains a major challenge for companies in the Middle East CAC 40 that must adapt to the local cultures and legislation in the countries in which it operates, Although some of them try to adopt a cohesive approach for all employees, particularly with regard to access to health care. It is impossible to claim that a subject can be treated in the same way everywhere in the world..

Social dialogue is also a major issue in CAC 40 companies, as it facilitates agreement between employers and employees to improve working conditions and company outcomes. For Benoit Seri, There is no significant difference between social dialogue in CAC 40 companies and companies outside this indicator. The differences are to some extent related to the culture and the way the topic is approached, rather than the size of the company.”

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