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Booking.com makes booking easier with artificial intelligence

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Booking.com, one of the world’s leading online booking platforms, today announced the beta launch of its new AI-powered Trip Planner.

Developed from Booking.com’s existing machine learning models, which help recommend destination and accommodation suggestions to the millions of travelers on the platform every day, the AI-powered Trip Planner is powered in part by ChatGPT (Artificial Intelligence Capable of Content Generation) in order to offer users a new booking experience. in full.

Planning your trips just got easier

Thanks to the new AI Planner available on Booking.com, travelers can ask both general and specific questions to guide them through the different stages of planning their trip. The planner will be able to help them research potential destinations and accommodation options and provide them with travel ideas based on their expectations and criteria, as well as create itineraries for a specific city, country or region.

More personalized and relevant travel recommendations

The exchange with an AI chart is customized for each traveler based on their requests to present new destinations and options in real time. Thus it quickly generates recommendations in the form of a discussion. Any type of request can be handled, such as recommending romantic destinations in the Caribbean, or another request for a family looking for a vacation home with a pool.

Integrated trip planning experience

AI Planner enriches the planning process by providing travelers with a visual list of destinations, accommodations, indicative prices, and where to find more information. While searching, users can move back and forth between the Booking.com app’s interface and their interactions with the chart. Since the trip planner is integrated directly into the app, travelers simply select the accommodation they are interested in to book. ” At Booking.com, our primary focus has always been leveraging technology to make travel easier », says Glenn Fogel, CEO of Booking.com. ” Recent advances in generative AI accelerate the work we’ve been doing for years to improve every aspect of the customer experience on our platform. The new AI blueprint marks another milestone in our ongoing work to provide travelers with an experience simpler than ever. »

The new AI Planner will significantly help our customers plan their trips more easily », says Rob Francis, Chief Technology Officer at Booking.com.Thanks to artificial intelligence, we will be able to strengthen our bonds with our customers by having one-to-one and personal conversations with them. Our beta version is currently available in the US market and it should not arrive soon in the European market. ”

Starting June 28 and over the next several weeks, the AI ​​Planner beta will be available to an increasing number of Booking.com Genius members in the US. So US travelers will have to connect to their Booking.com account and use the app in English to access this new planning tool.

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