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System Monitoring: End DevOps team burnout with observation

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technology | Eager to improve the availability of information systems and the user experience, companies have bundled monitoring tools. Today, systems monitoring, which is extremely cumbersome, monopolizes the daily lives of DevOps teams. By leveraging a monitoring platform that provides a unified view of all telemetry data, regardless of the source, organizations can save their teams time. Thus they can invest in innovation, contributing to the success and sustainability of the organisation.

Oversight of systems that lead to exhaustion

The pandemic has made users more dependent on it Digital. Today, more than ever, the success of any modern organization hinges on delivering exceptional online experiences to customers and partners. This is possible thanks to the underlying infrastructure, networks, applications, microservices, and software. However, some employees, more than others, experience fatigue and stress. This is particularly the case for engineers and maintenance operators, who are sometimes responsible for maintaining availability 24/7 Large complex infrastructures, such as Factoriesfollower electrical networksfollower Transport infrastructure or large digital architectures. These responsibilities place enormous pressure on them due to the catastrophic effects that a potential collapse would have.

Gadget proliferation is completely counterproductive

I’Monitor forecasts revealed that 72% of respondents need to alternate between at least two tools and 13% use up to ten or more different tools to monitor the health of their systems. The same study reveals that 60% of participants worldwide are still watching telemetry data At the application level only, leaving vast amounts of data unchecked in their software architecture. Existing control strategies, which are completely inappropriate, deprive managers of information, slow down communication and generate many downtimes. As a result, they spend a lot of time trying to solve problems. within limits Chief Information OfficerThis situation leads to mental exhaustion for many teams DevOpsEngineers and developers, constantly on the go.

Inappropriate monitoring strategies

Because many of the tools used are fragmented, DevOps teams do not benefit from a global view of the entire infrastructure. So they spend a lot of time identifying the root of the malfunctions and managing the false alerts. In the end, they are unable to provide a prompt and effective response. Lots of problems that end up generating a bad customer experience. through an update monitoring strategiesCompanies are improving the collaboration experience for their engineers and DevOps engineers, thus preventing them from burnout. On a larger scale, they build the loyalty of these scarce and expensive resources, allowing them to enrich their tasks and devote more time to innovation, which is a guarantee of the sustainability and success of the organization.

Automated monitoring to control employee workload

To support DevOps teams and ensure a Reliable monitoring Information systems, the most effective approach is to use an intelligent monitoring platform, applied to software. With Observability, all data is reviewed and analyzed in one place, providing unified visibility and greater transparency. This results in teams being more proactive in resolving issues before they become incidents. The customer experience is greatly improved, as is the employee experience. This platform is Automated monitoring agent. It constantly monitors all systems without the risk of burnout, lack of focus or stress. If observation and artificial intelligence do not replace the experience and knowledge of engineers, they provide them with certainly Incidents due to human error will not be tolerated. automation And Amnesty International To reduce stress and improve monitoring.

Artificial intelligence also plays a major role: using huge amounts of data

accessible rangefinderssystems AIOps They are able to automatically detect and report anomalies that would have gone unnoticed before. When an anomaly is detected by the monitoring platform, Amnesty International Performs an initial assessment of the situation as well as a root cause analysis (RCA) before recommending appropriate action. Thus engineers can work faster by reducing stress in crisis situations, knowing that their actions are supported by AI-based technology. This crucial assistance allows employees to focus on incidents that need real attention, without having to worry about missing out on a potentially serious incident.

Whatever the sector of activity, Adopt the note Based on Amnesty International It enables companies to make more effective use of the expertise and skills of their employees by reducing manual processes that are prone to human error. Thus, the latter can invest itself in strategic missions with greater added value. In the long run, observability is a critical lever for reducing employee stress and tension, while improving their commitment.

Column Produced by: Sophia Lilia Chidelville, France Director at New Relic.

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