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Grand Hotel Timeo in Taormina, Sicily: 150 years of excellence

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Italy | Luxury, art, gastronomy and luxury, the historic mansion tells a fascinating story that has been enriched by the arrival of the Belmond Group (LVMH) to write a new chapter.

1873! On the heights of Taormina, one hour from Catania and its international airport The first hotel in town A great reference for Sicily It is still unknown to travelers around the world. From its balconies, one looks out over the Gulf of Naxos from where one can admire with a certain respect, not to mention with a certain fear, Etna on the neighboring mountain. A breathtaking view at the snow-capped summit – it peaks at 3,357 metres! – It allows you to escape from the spiral parts that prove the constant activity of a volatile volcano that always attracts a lot of people.

Right in the heart of the city, just tens of meters from the magnificent Ancient Greek theatre Which gives way to beautiful displays, the tall gates of the hotel contrast with the many souvenir shops that invade the semi-pedestrianized streets. We take the full measure of it when the limousine that came to pick you up at the airport finally reaches the places distributed on both sides of the main street between the hotel itself and Villa FloraFor other rooms and suites: there are a total of 46 rooms and 24 luxury suites. The hotel is very famous, and its access between the columns and the flower gardens is so beautiful, that tourists flock to each other to take their pictures in the entrance.

To enter this institution is a leap into history. Modernity is there and ready to provide all the services expected of it, but the glorious saga that gave birth to the legend lives on today. Smooth marble, polished by time, secular woodwork, in the bar in particular, silk tapestries, thick draperies, paintings by numbers, decorative objects from another age… It is a fascinating journey in more than 150 years of improvement Following in the footsteps of many characters who have stayed here, often for a key stage of Great tour of Italy: rites of passage for those seeking cultural enrichment. Once inside the lobby, with attentive staff speaking Dante’s language as well as Molière’s, the terraces offer a wonderful panorama, both above the vast gardens designed by the landscape architect Florence Trevelyan at the end of the 19th century a true pioneer in the field of wildlife conservation, some of the paving stones are painted Its terraces in bright colors for an amazing contrast, the swimming pool (heated), the fitness and even the sea, without forgetting Etna. The tables in the bar (literary terrace) like those in the restaurant benefit from this unchanging landscape. More conservative, the fitness center also has a following.

the hotel

Gastronomy and luxury

Gastronomy takes a good place in this universe with Starred restaurant Otto Gelling, named after the Prussian baron, accidental painter and famous watercolorist, who came here for inspiration. You will sample Chef Roberto Toro’s dishes on site, just as you may have the opportunity to take part in the gourmet initiatives prepared for this anniversary when he takes his culinary talent beyond the walls of the establishment to unique places on the island. You will not miss in this regard, in the spirit of Villeggiatura, a visit vineyard Pietradolce of the Faro family, which for the occasion has produced 150 bottles of limited-edition wine, decorated with hand-painted labels by local artist Alessandro Florio.

suitable complement, Dior Dreams Garden “, a Spa Ephemeral, it occurs in the middle of cypress trees. Guests are invited to settle into one of two ultra-stylish treatment rooms, designed by Thirtyone Design + Management Agency, one designed for one and the other for two. These beautiful green log cabins are enhanced with matching Toile de Jouy curtains. Maria Grazia Chiuri, Creative Director of Dior, reimagined the iconic Dior cloth to adorn the cabins in a stunning green foliage pattern that blends beautifully with the lush greenery. The body and facial treatments offered are based on Dior’s expertise and skincare expertise. Enough to refresh the skin and the senses in the summer season. Dolce Vita Solar Glow’s signature 1-hour face and body treatment ensures a perfect, long-lasting tan.

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Depending on when the treatment is given, the treatment ends with applying a sunscreen cream or oil before exposing yourself to the sun, or by applying a soothing balm or oil after sun exposure to give a radiant complexion at the end of the treatment. today. Using the House’s ingenious techniques, the beauty treatments exploit the best of Eastern and Western beauty rituals using subtly thoughtful gestures. This is the case HD Prestige Treatment, a basic comprehensive facial treatment using products from the Dior Prestige range; Not forgetting the Constellation treatment, which offers a particularly relaxing and holistic body massage to find the perfect harmony between body and mind.

If others Technical events Carried out in partnership with Galleria Continua, such as the publication of the hotel’s first book praising its rich history, it will punctuate the year, and you certainly won’t fail to take one of the Piaggios or one of the colorful Fiat 500s which will take you to the heights in the pretty village of Castelmola, unless you prefer to go to Villa Sant’Andrea private beach (with kids club), just to enjoy private beach huts. The magical place also has its own shuttle service from the hotel: La Dolce Vita is very good…

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