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Forbes Billionaire Ranking 2023 | What countries have the most billionaires?

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ranking | Russia and its oligarchy are on the mend while American business tycoons lose $200 billion. Here’s a breakdown of the world’s richest people this year, country by country.

Extreme wealth knows no bounds. the 2,640 billionaires included in the order Forbes The 2023 richest people in the world hail from 77 countries or regions, up from 75 last year.

The two newcomers Panama and theArmeniaeach with a billionaire. Stanley MotaBanco Generale, a Panamanian investor whose portfolio of Latin American companies includes Banco Generale, joins the rating, as does Robin Vardanian, an Armenian politician and investment banker who made his fortune in Russia in the 1990s (and renounced his Russian citizenship last year). He returned after his disappearance from the world rankings in 2022.

the United State It is again the country with the highest number of billionaires, with 735, the same number as last year. Although nearly 50 Americans fell out of the standings Kanye West And Sam Bankman Friedand the death of dozens more, more than 60 Americans joined the ranks of billionaires for the first time this year, including LeBron James And Tiger wood. However, the country of Uncle Sam is no longer home to the richest person in the world. French luxury tycoon Bernard Arnault exceeded Elon Musk, but the United States still has 17 of the 25 richest people in the world. In total, American billionaires have recorded a collective wealth of $4.5 trillionDown from $4.7 trillion last year as markets slumped, the billionaire rhinoceros faltered and rising interest rates haunted investors.

there China It is the second country in terms of the number of billionaires, with 495 people (excluding citizens of Hong Kong and Macau) who have a total wealth of $1.67 trillion. The Chinese have also had a difficult year: in 2022, they will be 539 and own $1,960 billion. Policies to stem the spread of the virus, and the difficult transition to a post-pandemic economy, have slowed economic growth and hit stock prices. The crisis in China’s real estate sector, caused by a glut of real estate after decades of continuous development, has also affected China’s economic outlook. So too with the Communist Party’s recent crackdown on big tech platforms. Some Chinese entrepreneurs have even disappeared from the radar screens, such as the e-cigarette magnate Xiong Shaoming or chow wego, Chairman of Tsinghua Unigroup, a Chinese state-backed semiconductor company. Zhao Weiguo was reported to have “disappeared” from public view in mid-2022 before being charged with corruption in March 2023.

I’India, which ranks third in terms of billionaires (169), had a more mixed year. The country has three members in the ranking, but it is the Indian billionaires as a group, who have a total net worth 675 billion dollarsare poorer $75 billion compared to last year. The main reason for this decline is one of the largest wealth collapses in history: Gautam Adanichairman of the troubled Adani Group, has seen his net worth drop from $90 billion last year to $47.2 billion in order Forbes In 2023, after accusations of fraud and stock market manipulation, the shares of the 10 publicly traded Adani Group companies plummet.

I’Germanymeanwhile, is again ranked fourth in terms of the number of billionaires, with 126 peoplecompared to 134 last year. Include notable losses Joachim Anti, co-founder of gaming company Unity Software, and three heirs to Knauf building materials giant Knauf Gibbs KG. He is the richest person in Germany Dieter Schwartz (estimated net worth $42.9 billion), owner of the discount giant Schwartz Collection, which she sells annually More than 140 billion dollars.

Despite the war and Western sanctions, Russian billionaires have fared better than the rest of the world’s richest people this year, as the country’s billionaires recoup losses incurred in the aftermath of the invasion of Ukraine. Russia is important 105 billionaires This year, with a total net worth of 474 billion dollarscompared to 83 billionaires with a total wealth of 320 billion dollars The last year.

Why this leap forward? First, the Russian oligarchs regained their lost fortune. Of the 105 Russian billionaires on the list Forbes, 25 are ghosts, that is, they did not appear in last year’s ranking after appearing there in the previous year (in 2021, there were 117 Russian billionaires, with a global fortune of $584 billion). This is because last year, when Forbes Its rankings for 2022 ended, the Russian market was frozen and analysts’ predictions for Russian companies were dire. A year later, Western sanctions severely affected the Russian economy, but the rise in global commodity prices, due to the invasion and subsequent Western sanctions, boosted the revenues of some Russian companies. The biggest beneficiary was the richest person in Russia, the fertilizer magnate Andrey Melnichenkowhose fortune is estimated at $25.2 billion (compared to $11.1 billion last year) thanks to his EuroChem company and the war-induced hike in fertilizer prices. oil tycoon Vagit Alekperov (His net worth is estimated at more than $10 billion), steel magnate Alexey Mordashov (Her fortune is estimated at over $7.7 billion) and a nickel businessman Vladimir Potanin (Her fortune is estimated at more than $6.4 billion) She also regained her fortune.

20 countries and regions with the most billionaires

Source: Forbes

Translated article from the American magazine Forbes – Author: John Hayat

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