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Who is Xabi Lum, the most followed TikTokor in the world?

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Khabane “Khaby” Lame, famous for his TikTok videos mocking “life hack” videos, is the most followed on TikTokeur at the end of the first half of 2023, with 161,300,000 subscribers (as of July 3, 2023).

Khabi Blade He is best known on TikTok for his “life hack” videos where he mocks suggested tricks or shows another, easier way to deal with the problem “solved” by the hack. transcend Charlie D’Amelio As the most followed TikTokeur in June 2022.

Since I became famous on social media, Khabi Blade He was appointed as a judge on the show Italian talentsigned a multi-year contract with Hugo Boss and appeared vocally in the Italian dubbed version of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

On June 27, he presented his short film I am khabanwho tracks his success story on social media, at the Film Festival in Taormina, Italy.

As of June 29, here are the five most followed TikTok accounts, according to SocialTracker:

  1. Khapi Lm: 160 million and 100 thousand subscribers
  2. Charlie D’Amelio : 150,700,000 subscribers
  3. Bella Burke : 92,700,000 subscribers
  4. Addison Ray : 88,600,000 subscribers
  5. Mr. Best : 83,200,000 subscribers

Khabi Blade, 23, started posting videos on TikTok in 2020 after losing his job as a factory worker at the start of the pandemic. His funny videos have been hailed for their “universal” appeal. In an interview given to The New York TimesHe said his reactions to the silly videos ” life hack that he shares constitutes a “universal language” and that his “comic facial expressions and simplicity of content” helped him become a significant influence.

Although users of Tik Tok The app is growing in popularity and the app is a growing way for businesses to reach new audiences and sell products, and the platform still faces challenges. In the US, many experts fear that the Chinese-owned app is collecting data on American users and passing it on to the Chinese Communist Party. While TikTok has not been banned nationwide, the majority of US states, as well as Congress, have banned the app from government devices, and Montana recently became the first state to pass a law banning TikTok entirely. The law has been challenged by TikTok and has been criticized by free speech advocates, who believe the ban “unlawfully curtails one of the fundamental freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment.”

TikTok account 1.677 billion subscribers. Of those subscribers, more than 1 billion are considered monthly active users, according to business intelligence firm Demand Sage.

Translated article from the American magazine Forbes – Author: Molly Bohannon

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