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Rioters broke into the house of the mayor of France and his wife was injured

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Rioters broke into the home of the mayor of a Paris suburb, set the car on fire and fired firecrackers at his wife and young children as they fled during a fifth night of unrest across the country after the police shooting of a North African teenager on Tuesday. . coming down. Vincent Janbron, 39, the center-right mayor of the southern suburb of Les Roses, was at town hall when his home was attacked, along with his wife, Melanie, and children sleeping inside.

The local prosecutor said the attackers forced their way into the suburban home but were stopped by a low wall surrounding the property’s outer porch. Then they set their car on fire. When Jenbron’s wife and children, ages 5 and 7, were flying across the backyard, fireworks were set off at them. Janbrunn told Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne that his wife had had surgery on a broken leg and was facing three months of rehabilitation.

“While trying to protect them and flee from the attackers, my wife and one of my children were injured,” said the mayor. The local public prosecutor told reporters that an investigation had been opened into the attempted murder. No suspects have been arrested.

The town hall in Janbrunn has been the target of attack for several nights since the shooting on Tuesday and is protected by barbed wire and barriers. During a visit a few hours after the accident, Janpron met with local residents and walked past the town’s covered market, which had been destroyed during the unrest.

“Keep your strength up, Mr. Mayor,” said one of the men to the seemingly emotional mayor. we are with you. I never thought we would encounter something like this. ».

She replied: “It is disgusting.”

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