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Patricia Barbezet at the helm of Afep | The King of the Netherlands apologizes for slavery

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He follows ➡ Patricia Barbezet is the first woman to head Afep and influence major French companies | Patricia Barbezet has had an exceptional career in the world of business. loyal to the clan PinaultShe has become a key figure on the boards of directors CAC 40. Her rise and influence have earned her great recognition, making her a pioneer in her field. Having bathed in an artistic milieu, Patricia Barbezet has followed an impressive trajectory since meeting François Pinault during the initial public offering of the collection that bears her name. Her career led her to chair the supervisory board of CAC 40, marking a major turning point in the history of women in the business world. his participation in Afep Her media recognition has made her an influential and respected figure in the French private business scene.

News ➡ the king affiliate Holland Willem-Alexander has Present Saturday 1 July for him Excuses Official to IInvolvement to Ha nation in Ibondage | at an event marking 150 years to postage Slaves in the former Dutch coloniesKing Willem-Alexander said he was “personally and deeply affected” and expressed his regrets. Thousands of descendants of slaves present at these ceremonies welcomed the apology, although some demanded damages. Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wopke HoekstraHe also took part in the celebrations in Suriname, where he issued an apology on behalf of the Dutch government. These events represent an important step in the discussion of the Netherlands’ colonial past and its involvement in slavery.

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