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L’Entreprise DU FUTUR revolutionizes the transformation of SMEs and ETIs with its first experience platform for managers

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L’Entreprise DU FUTUR is proud to announce that it has become the first experience platform dedicated to transforming SMEs and ETIs. Alban Guyot, Managing Director of Entreprise DU FUTUR, will reveal this revolution at the opening of the eighth edition of its annual conference, which will take place on July 6 at the prestigious Groupama Stadium in Lyon, in front of an audience of 700 CEOs from all over France.

Since its inception in 2016, Enterprise DU FUTUR has immersed itself in the daily lives of thousands of SME and ETI managers, sharing their challenges, fears, failures and successes. From this immersion a conviction was born: Sharing experiences and collective intelligence are the keys to accelerating the resolution of strategic business issues. Thus L’Entreprise DU FUTUR takes advantage of a real gold mine and creates the first Experience platform for leaders of French SMEs and ETIs.

During seven years of exchange with his community of 13,000 commandersL’Entreprise DU FUTUR met individually with more than 1,000 leaders, organized more than 100 events focused on solving SME and ETI strategic challenges and benefited from more than 2,000 leaders’ experiences. “Experience is easy to find, and appropriate experience is generally recommended to you; but experience It is almost impossible to find it, ”confirms Alban Guyot.

“At Enterprise DU FUTUR, we have made it our priority, convinced Benefiting from each other’s experiences will speed up the resolution of strategic issues future.” In order to make this innovative vision a reality, Entreprise DU FUTUR has brought together Several thousand experiences of SME and ETI managers within one platform. Its goal is simple, and its promise is unique: to provide the best experience in facing any strategic issue.

In order to enrich this unique collective intelligence in France, DU FUTUR has launched the service today leader at work, a subscription intended exclusively for the leaders driving the transformation of SMEs and institutional investors. This service allows them to benefit from a Strategic concierge ensuring they find the right experience for the right challenge, at the right time via direct contacts, reach them and their executive committee to all the events of the Entreprise DU FUTUR, to the writing and media coverage of their CV (highlighting the experiences and vision of the LEADER), with the community, and their implementation through Testimony (podcasts, interviews, speaking publicly, etc.).

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