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big big | Grand Voilier Ecole: Triple French educator for young adults

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It was the missing link. It has become the sailboat everyone is talking about, between Rouen, Brest and La Rochelle. The Grand Voilier Ecole paints the maritime horizon of French youth. We tell you about its history, its ambition and the values ​​its sailors stand for.

at the origin of the project, Pierre François Fourissierformer Submarine Commander and Navy Commander between 2008 and 2011. Alongside them, the Venetian Patrice Laure, honorary skipper and former schooner captain, brings in his wake his powerful network of enthusiastic and well-meaning sailors (107 volunteers).

French movie star

The sea is a wonderful school of life. France has the second largest maritime area in the world and has unparalleled experience in this field. Grand Voilier Ecole designed and imagined three young private tutors. After seeking financing with a view to building a custom schooner, from the Atlantic shipyards of Saint-Nazaire, the founding members of Tracks met with the French, ship 46 m Bought in England in 2018 by Vannetais Frédéric Lescure (France Armement, Socomore, etc.). Ex-Kaskelot (Cachalot), a solid Danish ship from 1948, is one of the last three wooden masters still in operation. A World Maritime Heritage gem, Sailboat is already a superstar with around fifteen films to his credit. But for a completely different team, revived four years ago in Brittany …

2,700 young men and women have been accommodated

The lady of three skippers arrived in Saint-Malo in 2018. Healthy, well equipped and easy to sail despite having 19 sails and almost 900 square meters of canvas to send. With nearly a hundred passengers a day or so About thirty on a cruise and crossing over several days, the French have large spaces to gather participants and provide educational units (history, weather, navigation, etc.) displayed at sea. But the main thing is not played in the large “cargo” room that was previously used to transport goods.

During 2021, Day 1 cruises will begin, with middle school and high school students and young adults, most of whom have never set foot on the boat deck. And even less so on a three-masted ship steeped in history, the kind of ship you can see offshore that’s usually admired from the pier.

Aboard Le Français, the tide has finally turned! Children, even those who live in coastal towns and have never set foot on a sailboat, can do this. cast off Pull without delay on the parties. They discover life on the ship, learn composition in a small space and unlock their potential in a hitherto unknown world. They go out they turn forever!

The true gem of maritime heritage was welcomed by the French 1,300 young people from all over Francein its first year of operation.

Two years later, 2,700 young people from all walks of life have already set sail during an outing or several days of sailing. The Atlantic Channel. Participating sponsors allow those less comfortable financially to initiate. Lack of means is never an impediment to sailing alongside the Grand Voilier Ecole, the amount of daily navigation being supported if required by the association.

long ship school

More than just a boat ride

No French picnic is like any other picnic. Future fishermen who struggle to hoist the nineteen sails of a day’s sail without a motorEngineering students rubbing shoulders with the cohesion of the crew, autistic youths who come with their parents to escape and smell the fresh sea air, college students leaving with the idea of ​​working as a sailor… Tall Sailing School Weaving a web of living with outings that skilfully blend crowds and make room for people with disabilities. A space of freedom that combines participation and taking initiatives. The ship invites more than just a boat ride. The first shepherds to join the adventure weren’t wrong. They understand the risks and they also satisfy their pursuit of ” Earthlings are seasick They know how the oceans and their demands systematically set the record straight. All you have to do is embark one day alongside the Grand Voilier Ecole to make sense of it. Feel the emotions of the first night at sea, the complicity of a crew in unison.

long ship school

Sense and sacred fire

Meaning and truth, that’s what you find while sailing alongside the Grand Voilier Ecole. In a world filled with uncertainties and uncertainties of all kinds, coming to sail aboard the Frenchman, under sail, with a crew as likable as it is seasoned, allows you to start on the right feet and touch the ground with more confidence. calming. comfort. The sailors who imagined this ship to young Frenchmen cultivated this burning intuition. Their sacred fire is not about to stop Over a hundred days at sea scheduled for 2023dividing the waters of the archipelago of highlights with the most beautiful encounters.

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