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Killer whales delight onlookers at Locarno Beach in Vancouver

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Ali Shirazi moved to Vancouver only three months ago, but hasn’t had the chance to see him on Fridays from a resident in his life.

Shirazi was on a Locarno beach with his wife and son-in-law at noon and was wading through the waves when he thought he saw a seal swimming about 30 meters away.

Then he saw a larger marine mammal – a group of killer whales.

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“I felt like 100-150 feet (distance) away I saw their tails,” he told Global News.

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“I booked it away from the water, it was low tide now so I ran on a lot of wet sand to my wife and husband who settled on the beach and grabbed my phone and my brother-in-law and got back into the water.”

Shirazi managed to catch a quick clip of the killer whales before they dived back under the waves, and he said he thought they were hunting seals.

If so, it’s likely that killer whales were passerine or beige whales, which are known for their appetite for seals and other fin whales, rather than the endangered southern killer whales, which prefer to eat salmon.

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