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DMN, the new must-have for women’s seamstresses

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DMN is above all a family story built on a real challenge. Its genesis stemmed from a personal frustration on the part of its founder, Pascal Yvette. And for good reason? Very limited or even non-existent choice in the search for the perfect outfit. A timeless product with attention to detail and impeccable quality, original without the bounds of extravagance, all at an affordable price. In 2017, the DMN was born and talked about traditional haute couture icons. A look back at the genesis of an atypical brand that follows just one keyword: quality.

“I couldn’t find myself in existing brands, so I decided to take the lead,” he explains Pascal Levitt. Then, he was fitted with an investor cap, and in 2017 he embarked on this entrepreneurial adventure with his sister, Joanna, in charge of Operations and Production. At the helm of art direction, their cousin Dominique Nebot Chakli, a veteran designer, infuses the brand’s DNA into Reconsider the feminine and masculine. Two years later, with the vision becoming clearer for Pascal and Joanna, they both decided to take the reins of the brand. Joanna takes over the artistic direction by incorporating more colour, femininity and more glamour. Our clients generally have it Between 30 and 50 years old. They are looking for attractive clothes. Our creations will satisfy this need and will accompany them in all episodes of their lives, ”develops Joanna Yvette. “Their DMN uniform, they can wear it at a cocktail party, then a business lunch and even a wedding.” For Pascal, everything lies in uniqueness. And for this, the label’s collections are offered Commercial suites in Royal Monceau, and then Brach to provide customers with a different shopping experience.At the beginning of the brand, until today, the commercial strategy has been atypical.Complete range from birth MND. From season to season, new models appear at one point of sale. A risky bet for siblings who want to quickly grab the attention of their target customers. “The idea was to impress the women who walked through the door of the Suite Royal Monceau,” says Pascal Yvette. The effect listed is there and quickly, the brand finds its customers thanks only to word of mouth. The snowball effect that propelled DMN to the forefront of the fashion scene. The quality of their products satisfies, and for Pascal and Joanna, there is no need to do the marketing. “Our vision is based exclusively on the product and the customer experience. It was a conscious intention on our part. While most of the time half of the price of a product comes from marketing, at DMN, 100% of the price goes to quality.”

If it is difficult to make a brand known without the slightest marketing process, Pascal Levitt He shows patience and lets the confidence he has in his brand of beauty speak for itself. “I was confident because we use the best fabrics and accessories on the market.” In Italy, founder MND You get the highest quality cold fleece from Loro Piana. Production takes place in Poland, where the know-how and mastery of fabrics are unmatched.

Since last September, the brand has welcomed its customers in a prestigious manner to be in keeping with its commitment to quality in its showroom. Great address located Dilo Street. In its unconventional strategy, Yevet’s brand of brothers begins with an intellectual approach. If the creative desire was present, Pascal’s premise was to find a good investment project. “Creativity was not a priority for us, we wanted above all to build a smart and efficient brand. This is what sets us apart from other high-end brands.” Now present in 20 countries, DMN has been able to browse through its versatile product and loyal clientele to push itself internationally. We are present in more than 100 points of sale, including 60 in France. Work turns. The brand is present in 60 high-end multi-brand stores, mainly in coastal resorts. Published in Cannes, Saint-Tropez or Monaco, the main hubs of French luxury, the richest clients do not ignore DMN because the latter, accustomed to the collections of Chanel, are aware of quality, The luxurious and discreet experience. With its innovative approach, the Pascal and Joanna Yift brand brings freshness and has established itself in the haute couture environment, with an annual increase of 100% for two years and Its turnover is 6 million euros. Significant growth of a thriving brand attracting a diverse, multi-generational clientele.

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