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06 The necessity for more efficient mining while complying with the GDPR: The Five Rules of Good Conduct

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Telephone follow-up is 10 times more effective than email follow-up. The headache of mobile salespeople looking for: finding the right person and not bothering them on their personal cell phone…

With the health crisis and telecommuting, it’s an observation, it’s more and more complex Access to decision makers. A mobile phone becomes necessary to initiate communication. But in the life of a salesperson, calling a cell phone number and being scolded for calling a personal phone or falling on a jack while calling Benoît can quickly lead to gray hair! Who would have imagined that in 1973, when Martin Cooper invented the first Motorola cell phone, the cell phone would become the most used consumer item on the planet. According to Statista, about 93% of CEOs in France own at least one laptop.

Indeed, the health crisis, the disappearance of offices and the introduction of remote work have favored new work methods and communication habits (video, mobile phone, etc.). The mobile phone has occupied a prominent place in the daily lives of employees. It is the fact that the mobile phone is replacing the fixed line which is losing more and more of its influence in the company. Moreover, some have already given up fixed lines. The interlocutors can only be reached through their mobile phones which becomes a second office. Without a mobile phone number, the salesperson sometimes gets into a dead end and can’t work anymore.

Prospecting is not an easy task. The Funnel Clarity Study measured the commercial effectiveness of prospecting on a direct number versus a record number. It revealed that in one hour of work, the salespeople had access 3 strands through the switchboard. Using Direct Phone Numbers, Sales Representatives Reached 12 Potential Customers! And when we talk more specifically about a leader, the chances of having a conversation over a call on a direct number increase 147%.

Thus 06 becomes a new challenge to enter into contact with the potential client. But for this it is necessary to be reliable. Relying on the right information saves time and makes you more productive. On the other hand, it is necessary to respect obligations and a code of good behaviour.

The Five Rules of Good Conduct and Commitment to Use 06 Wisely:

1 – Use the number in a B2B context and not use it for personal or unauthorized purposes.

2- Contacting every decision-maker with respect and courtesy during official working hours.

3 – Do not track these numbers outside the tool used.

4 – Stop any call or communication if the person expresses his desire not to be contacted.

5- Considering that the use of this data is subject to the laws and regulations in force.

Column written by: Benoît Marcellin, Director of Marketing and DGA for the nomination

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