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The Spanish company Renfe arrives in France with its TGV telecom | Marlise Lyon takes the helm of CFDT

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News ➡ Renfe, the Spanish company, is challenging SNCF with its high-speed trains in France | Spanish Railways Company renfe It is preparing to launch its high-speed trains in France, marking a new stage in the liberalization of hexagonal railways. from July 13thRenfe AVE trains, the Spanish equivalent of the TGV train, will operate the line Barcelona – Lyonfollowed by the line Madrid – Marseille From July 28th. With stops in several French cities, Renfe aims to become a record player across the country. Tickets will be offered at attractive prices starting from 9 euros to connect the French stations. Renfe also plans to serve Paris by 2024, aiming to become a utility provider in France. This arrival marks a turning point in the liberalization of the French railway market and follows the arrival of Trenitalia in 2021. It is also planned that other foreign companies, such as Arriva, will enrich the railway offer in France.

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He follows ➡ Marlies Lyon, the new Chairman of CFDT | At only 46 years old, Marlies Lyon He will become the new leader of CFDT. Five years after being ranked number two in the guild, she now finds herself in the spotlight. His goal: to make his mark, and thus succeed Lawrence Berger and Sophie Binet, the charismatic leader of CGT. Marly’s Lyon would be too The second woman to take charge of the union after Nicole Nutt, which she chaired from 1992 to 2002. As Deputy Secretary-General since 2018, she was responsible for strategic files such as unemployment insurance and trade union relations. She also acted CFDT within limits The Viability CharterIt is a coalition of more than sixty organizations working on environmental and social issues. She embodies continuity with Laurent Berger, with whom she has been preparing to succeed her for more than a year. Berger is confident in his abilities, and praises his aura and strong personality. For her part, CGT’s Sophie Binet expects a frank and effective collaboration with Marylise Léon. The challenge for the new leader of CFDT is to make her mark while asserting herself in the face of the challenges posed by the current world of work.

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