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The revolutionary app for responsible and modern advertising

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Remove advertising for responsible consumption

ILÉCO, an innovative mobile application developed by Momentum Media, allows companies to convert flyers and trade shows into digital format. In the face of the growing rejection of unwanted advertisements, Alan Apatucci, founder and CEO of Momentum Media, seized the opportunity to modernize this style of communication by offering consumers the possibility to consult promotions according to their needs and movements. In addition to the B2C aspect, ILÉCO also responds to environmental concerns by reducing the amount of paper used and reducing waste.

Benefits for businesses and consumers

By downloading the free ILECO app, consumers can locate nearby promotions, providing a personalized and relevant experience. As for the partner companies, they benefit from a back office that allows them to download their commercial offerings targeting their specific geographical areas. This platform also provides them with the ability to measure the return on investment of their advertising campaigns. Leading furniture, DIY and automotive retailers have already joined forces with ILÉCO in the West Indies to digitize their commercial offering and improve their advertising strategy.

Environmental impact and development prospects

By reducing the use of paper and reducing advertising waste, ILÉCO contributes to preserving the environment. France’s climate law prohibits the distribution of paper in mailboxes in certain regions, encouraging companies to adopt digital solutions such as those offered by ILÉCO. With over 182,000 downloads, the app is seeing growing adoption. Momentum Media plans to develop its business in Guyana and Reunion and continues to look for opportunities in the Caribbean Basin. ILECO therefore stands out as an innovative and responsible modern advertising solution in the Antilles-Guyana Islands.



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