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Ranking: What are the 20 countries where people live the happiest?

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The tenth annual World Happiness Report has been published, and for the fifth consecutive year Finland has been named the happiest country in the world.

While the world is in turmoil, some good news is always welcome. The 10th annual World Happiness Report was released, days before the International Day of Happiness on March 20. For the fifth year in a row, Finland was named the happiest country in the world, with Denmark coming in second, followed by Iceland, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

World Happiness Report, which ranks More than 150 countries Based on Universal Happiness, published annually by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network. Experts base this ranking on data from Gallup World Poll And on many other factors, including the level of GDP, life expectancy, and so on.

As the world enters the third year of the pandemic, the report is centered around three themes: the past, how people and countries are behaving in the face of COVID-19 and the potential development of health and wellness science.

Afghanistan has been ranked as the most unhappy country in the world

This year’s report revealed significant global growth in all three philanthropies tracked in the Gallup World Poll. “Aid to foreigners, volunteer work and donations increased sharply in 2021 in all regions of the world, exceeding pre-pandemic levels by about 25%,” he explains. John Helliwellprofessor at University of British Columbia and Editor of the World Happiness Report.

Moreover, “Overall, positive emotions remained more than twice as large as negative emotions,” says John Helliwell.

According to the report, how people rate their lives in the top-rated countries remains very consistent from year to year. In the 2022 report, The United States ranks 16thH place, while Canada has advanced to 15thH place. by picking up 20H The venue, France reached its best ranking yet.

Besides the happiest countries in the world, the report also looked at the places where people feel the saddest. Afghanistan has been ranked as the most unhappy country in the world Lebanonthe Zimbabwethe Rwanda and the Botswana Complete the last five states.

So what makes a Finland very happy ? Research shows that a high national ranking in these surveys has little to do with culture. Rather, it is about how state institutions take care of their people, which translates into greater life satisfaction.” Frank Martellaexpert at Aalto University, philosopher and author of the book A Wonderful Life – Insights on Finding a Meaningful Experience (HarperCollins 2020).

According to other experts from Aalto University, other factors contribute to the success of this small country, including smart urban planning, access to green spaces to reduce stress and promote physical activity, an effective system of progressive taxation and strong health and education systems.

Strange that Finland share borders with Russia, which testifies to a sad reality in times of war: the happiest country rubs shoulders with one of the most unhappy. The arrival of Russia in the year 80H position in the ranking.

The 20 happiest countries in the world

  1. Finland
  2. Denmark
  3. Iceland
  4. Swiss
  5. Holland
  6. Luxembourg
  7. Sweden
  8. Norway
  9. Israel
  10. New Zealand
  11. Austria
  12. Australia
  13. Ireland
  14. Germany
  15. Canada
  16. United State
  17. United kingdom
  18. Czech Republic
  19. Belgium
  20. France

Editor’s note: Some wording has been changed in the article. The Sustainable Development Solutions Network (also known as the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network) was launched by the United Nations Secretary-General in 2012, but now operates independently of the United Nations.

Translated article from the American magazine Forbes – Author: Laura Begley Bloom

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