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Meet … Neva Saints, General Manager of Parnass, the premium tailor-made Orange brand!

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Passionate, humane and creative, she has been running Niva Sintès Parnasse, the brand made especially for Orange, with heart and enthusiasm, for 5 years now. This entity benefits from its own personal imprint as well as the family spirit that binds the teams together.

Since its inception, Parnassus It positioned itself as a franchise service dedicated to the most demanding members who are looking for customized solutions to free themselves from the constraints and vagaries of digital technology. With its expertise, this entity has earned the trust of many business leaders and entrepreneurs who have praised its tailor-made offerings, unmatched quality of service and unforgettable experiences.

Parnasse’s assets are numerous, in particular its promise to provide human support perfectly adapted to the needs and requirements of each member.

Since our last meeting in 2018, how has Parnas evolved while staying true to its philosophy of excellence and superior personal service?

Niva Sentis – © Gabriela Medina

We are on the same path: providing the best personal service and excellence to our members. Parnas is 15 years old and the promise remains the same: We are people at the service of digital. Whatever the time or place, whatever need you’re facing in your digital life, there’s always a friendly voice to help you.

Since our last meeting, we have made a step forward: by expanding on the one hand our scope of intervention and, on the other hand, by redrawing the Parnasse experience around 90 standards of excellence which guarantee our clients an unparalleled level of quality. These standards have been established with our clients during the regular surveys we conduct with them.

Can you tell us more about the development of Cercle Parnasse?

Secondary residences – © Parnasse

Our members’ uses have evolved…and so have their expectations. They, at times, work remotely. They do not necessarily live where they operate. They also have second homes or land, to run their business or escape. We have therefore expanded our offer to cover all types of connectivity: it now covers mobile, home and office, catering to both personal and professional needs. We’ve also created new services such as desk assistance for our clients, many of whom are now working from home. The geographical scope of our material interventions has also expanded with an ambitious regional reach.

We also reviewed a file Life of Circle Parnassus To give it more modernity, to be in line with our times and with the desire of our members to enhance their sense of belonging to the circle by encouraging more exchanges with other members (communication).

Can you give me some examples?

Circle Live Tour, Ferber Studios Tour – © Parnas

naturally. For example, we organize dinners with the members who open their doors to us, which creates a stronger bond between them. We’ve also launched private tours, which I call Stepping Aside, allowing members to discover nuggets like Gustav Museum Moro Which everyone has heard of, but few know, or Opera Comic. We are also launching lunches “Wow Parnassus table” with Berry Cochin. But we will have the opportunity to talk about it again.

In addition, some of our members now attest in the press or in the Lettre du Cercle to their connection with Parnassus, such as Laurent Dassault or Marc Eisenberg.

How do you position yourself today in the digital landscape?

Parnassus – © Parnassus

We are still the only ones making such an offer. An exclusive, personal and humane service in the telephone/subscriber sector.

In a world that is accelerating numerically, Parnas has always wanted to stay at the heart of humanity. Has it become more complicated with the digital transformation that has changed our behaviour?

Exceptional Service – © Parnasse

It is true that digital technology is becoming more and more complex, and therefore, humans must be more efficient and look for the latest technology (improving WIFI, home automation, etc.).

Fortunately, we are supported by orange group And our teams are trained in the most advanced solutions, especially in terms of communication. We also have the advantage of being a company on a human level where there is a true spirit of family and sharing. Everyone knows each other and this greatly facilitates exchanges.

One of Parnasse’s strengths is, among other things, the ultra-private service and above all the personal digital trainer dedicated to each member. What other strengths have you developed today?

Exceptional Service – © Parnasse

We actually have a super private service with a trainer who embodies this service. It is assisted by our client’s attaché in the office, a team of technicians and business managers, a mission we have created from scratch. Thanks to their great versatility, they accompany coaches, in project mode, in increasingly complex communication installations.

Our main strength remains our ability to instantly adapt to the expectations of our members. As I mentioned earlier, their uses and expectations are changing, Parnass, too. We now offer a personalized response to all their needs, be it professional, family or private. This is what I call smooth (smile) service.

What are the strongest member demands that you are working on?

Exceptional Service – © Parnasse

There are two in particular. First of all, with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, our members aspire to unlimited connectivity, wherever they are (office, home, second home, abroad, on a boat etc.). Next, they want a stronger sense of belonging to the circle, with a better knowledge of the other members. There are many entrepreneurs in Parnassus. We provide them with technical support and support their business growth.

With the proliferation of hackers and cyberattacks of all kinds, the security of your customers’ data must be increasingly complex. How do you deal with that?

Exceptional Service – © Parnasse

On the one hand, to our members, through our partnership with Bitdefender. Parnasse targets demanding clients – entrepreneurs, influencers, artists, etc. – for whom digital data protection is a particularly sensitive topic. We listened to our members and scoured the market for the best cyber security solution to meet their expectations. Bitdefender, the leading European company in the field of cyber security, is awarded every year. An important fact and reassure us about General Data Protection Regulation (Data Protection – Editor’s Note).

In addition, Bitdefender was able to provide us with tools that allow us to provide a customized service, managed by Parnass experts. Thus, our members have perfect protection for all their connected devices without having to worry about it.

On the other hand, internally, we are fortunate to belong to a group like Orange, which allows us to benefit from its expertise in terms of securing data on our customers through continuous testing exercises.

In 10 years, with the acceleration of the digital world, how do you envision Parnas positioning?

Exceptional Service – © Parnasse

We will remain true to our human-centered promise. We will continue to provide a personalized and responsive experience, always anticipating our members’ needs.

What is the current number of members, given that you have a count of 3,000 members. Have you evolved a little on this number?

Corsica – © Parnasse

We’ve reached the limit 3000 membersbut we are considering a slight increase to 4000 members in three years. From our beginnings in Ile-de-France and in the south-east, we have expanded our services to various regions, such as Vaucluse, the Lyon region, Corsica, Savoy, the Lille region, Côte-Fleury, the Arcachon basin, the region between Rennes and Nantes and the Toulouse region. However, we do not plan to exceed 4,000 members, in order to continue to provide personalized and exclusive services.

How do you envision the development of Cercle Parnasse in France?

The geographical area of ​​Parnasse – © Parnasse

We plan to strengthen our presence in other regions of France, because we love challenges! For this, we will count on the Orange teams in the region and, in particular, to expand our offer of events throughout France.

How many employees are allocated to Parnass members?

Exceptional Service – © Parnasse

We currently have 160 passionate and devoted to ParnassusAll of them are trained for service excellence by High School of Service Parnassuswho are invested in their craft and strive to provide the best possible service to our members.
This is the essence of Parnass Service.

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