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Cities with the best work-life balance in the world

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Ranking: Cities with the best work-life balance in the world

While some professions can be relatively stress-free, they also keep you healthy Work life balance This may seem impossible to many.

Easy access to technology, blurring of boundaries between work and personal time, and fear of losing a job drive many people to work overtime, or skip vacation or sick leave.

However, in some cities around the world, the situation is very different. In top-ranked fields, companies offer working professionals the opportunity to maintain a work-life balance with quality healthcare, plenty of time off, and more.

In this graphic, we use the Forbes 2023 Rankings Consultant supplement to highlight the world’s top cities that encourage work-life balance. Ranking compares data from 128 cities To form a work-life balance score, which is assigned on a scale of 100. The higher the score, the better the work-life balance for city workers. We have covered the top 25 in the chart above.

Europe is at the top of the ranking

Twenty of the 25 cities with the best work-life balance in Europe are located. The diversity of cultures and lifestyles in these cities provides its residents with a work-life balance.

The first city on this list, with a work-life balance score of 70.5/100, is Copenhagen, Denmark. The city’s high standard of living, low unemployment rate, 52 weeks of parental leave, and focus on sustainability and green spaces all contribute to the city’s highest score. Dane also helps Lifestyle Focus make time for self-care and relaxation.

Healthy lifestyles along with generous vacation policies and parental leave also put the European cities of Helsinki, Stockholm and Oslo in the top five on this list. In fact, the average work week for employees in these cities is less than 30 hours. The percentage of remote jobs has ended in Helsinki, Finland 50%.

Many companies in Europe prioritize employee well-being, which has given rise to wellness. This culture includes practices such as teleworking and mental health support.

Work-life balance in Oceania

Although Europe dominates the top 25 list, some cities in Oceania also show good scores in work-life balance.

It ranked fifth in the list of cities with the best work-life balance, and its workers OaklandNew Zealand has an average of 26.3 hours working week and one year of parental leave.

Meanwhile, Brisbane (53.3), Melbourne (53.1) and Sydney (51.4) cut their average work week from 32.4 hours to 38 hours. The sunny weather in these cities also positively affects their ratings.

For some, safety is essential

The capital of the United Arab Emirates is the only Asian city to appear in the top 25, despite its high real estate prices and relatively low number of vacation days available to workers. On the other hand, the city is safe, sunny and offers a high quality of life.

Where does this data come from?

source: Forbes Work-Life Balance Advisor 2023

Data notes: This saving data from 128 cities to form a work-life balance score, which is determined on a scale of 100. The study analyzed various indicators of “best cities to live in,” and identified those with data in the following broad categories between January and February 2023. The following indicators and measures were used: Global Happiness , Gender Inequality Index, Average Number of Hours Worked, Minimum Legal Annual Leave, Property Price to Income Ratio, Distance to Employment Vacancy Ratio, Maternity Leave Policies, Parks and Nature Reserves per Capita, Unemployment Rate, Hours of Sunlight. Data was collected between January and February 2023. See source for details.

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