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Ukrainian paratroopers join the marines on the Mokry Yali River

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One of Ukraine’s oldest air assault brigades made an unexpected appearance in the town of Neskoshin on Tuesday, joining the growing Ukrainian Corps pushing south from Velika Novoselka.

A photo taken by Reuters journalist Oleksandr Ratoshnik on Tuesday shows paratroopers from the 25th Air Assault Brigade crossing Neskuchny aboard a rare 2S17 armored missile.

The 25th Air Assault Brigade, formed in 1993, has been seen fighting in the forests around Krymina in eastern Ukraine. The brigade’s turn south and its participation in the Ukrainian offensive along the Mokry Yali River may indicate that Kiev has begun to send more forces to its southern counter-offensive.

Since the beginning of last week, Ukrainian forces have attacked in three or four axes in Zaporizhia, in southern Ukraine, and in the Donetsk oblasts. Not all attacks were successful. An attempt by the Ukrainian Army’s 33rd and 47th mechanized assault brigades to cross a Russian minefield south of Mala Tokmashka, 64km west of Neskochny, ended in disaster on Thursday.

However, Ukrainian forces do not need every offensive to succeed. Kyiv’s goal is to open a breach …any Gap – somewhere along the Russian front line running through Zaporizhia and Donetsk Oblast so that reinforcements could exploit this gap and roll out towards the Sea of ​​Azov, with the goal of liberating occupied cities and dividing half of the Russian forces in Ukraine.

The axis along the Mokry Yali River is perhaps the most beneficial for Ukrainians. Within days, a multi-brigade force led by the Navy’s 35th Marine Brigade liberated a string of villages as far south as Velika Novoselka and Makarivka, 10 miles away.

the first unit Take a selfie in NeskuchneOn Sunday, the 129th Home Defense Brigade was the reserve. It is unclear if the 25th Air Assault Brigade was present when the Ukrainians liberated Neskochny or arrived later.

In any case, the paratroopers are now part of a body that includes no less than four brigades plus a battalion: the 35th Marine Brigade, the 68th Jaeger Brigade and the 128th and 129th Territorial Defense Brigades.

It’s a powerful yet light force – lots of armored trucks, infantry fighting vehicles and mobile mortars, but few tanks. The Marine Corps is trying to quickly move along the Mokry Yali River, taking advantage of the apparent disorganization of the local Russian garrison, which includes elements of the 60th Motorized Rifle Brigade, 37th Guards Motorized Rifle Brigade, 394th Motorized Rifle Regiment and 336th Guards Motorized Rifle Regiment. the band.

Swift Ukrainian brigades may be the only thing to deceive and shock the local Russian forces and drive them deeper in this sector of the front. However, a deeper exploitation of the Mokry-Yali axis—with access to occupied Mariupol on the Sea of ​​Azov, 50 miles to the south—required heavier brigades.

It just so happened that the 3rd Tank Brigade of the Ukrainian Army with its 100 T-84 and T-72 tanks is hiding inside the Ukrainian lines a few kilometers north of Velika Novoselka.

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