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Training in ChatGPT to “control” the AI

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In recent years, applications of artificial intelligence have multiplied. One of the newest tools, ChatGPT, the OpenAI chatbot, is causing a lot of ink to flow. The ability to communicate with generative AI has become a much-needed, even essential skill in the world of work. So much so that ChatGPT training is booming.

Multiple ChatGPT applications in the world of work

Who hasn’t heard of ChatGPT yet? Since hitting the market its apps have exploded:

  • Writing, summarizing and translating articles or advertising and marketing materials, soliciting opinions and evaluating content.
  • search for information ,
  • programming and creating lines of code,
  • streamlining operations, increasing the quality of services,
  • Automated problem solving and response to standard customer requests,
  • meeting planning,
  • processing large databases to extract specific information,
  • etc.

Automation helps achieve high quality results at a rate that humans cannot match while reducing labor costs. In addition to saving time and money, the use of these tools greatly reduces human error. People, freed from certain time-consuming tasks that sometimes require constant attention, can devote themselves to higher value-added activities.

According to experts, solutions based on artificial intelligence will play an increasingly important role. Companies in all sectors that are ready to seize the opportunities it presents have the opportunity to truly transform and get ahead of their competitors. They must first accurately define their needs, and check if existing platforms or APIs are compatible with their system components. Conversely, those who are slow to adopt it risk seeing the digital divide widen and being left behind.

Master Generative AI, a new core skill

The race for artificial intelligence highlights the war for talent among digital companies. With the rapid rise of generative AI in general, and ChatGPT in particular, there’s a new skill that’s in high demand: the ability to communicate with chatbots. Even without a degree in development or any other field of IT and digital, such professionals can quickly become engineers and claim an annual salary that can exceed €300,000.

Even without the intention of being a speed engineer, knowing how to write efficient queries to get the best results with ChatGPT is an asset. There is a wide range of occupations involved, to be able to adapt to future technological opportunities. According to a survey by Resume Builder, 90% of business leaders expect job candidates to be proficient in AI. In a word, in the very near future, this skill can rise to the same level as Word or Excel in terms of importance at work.

The company’s employees are not the only ones affected by the need to master new technological tools. In reality, Independent consultants They also need to update their technological skills to increase their efficiency and competitiveness. Even students are trained there in order to enhance their integration into the future labor market and prove themselves as innovative and leading professionals.

Exploding supply and demand for ChatGPT training

To learn about ChatGPT, many start by going to online articles and videos on YouTube. But more and more working people are also signing up for training, mainly online, through experts. For about fifteen dollars, discover how ChatGPT works and its advantages, and learn how to use it to its full potential.

Proof of the importance of demand, registrations are exploding. In a recent Business Insider article, the 429 courses currently offered by online course platform Udemy account for 417,000 enrollments. This number jumped 47% between April and May 2023, and continues to rise.

Companies themselves support their employees in their approach to help them increase productivity and employee satisfaction, for the benefit of the entire organization. The improvements that solutions such as ChatGPT make to their core processes are a significant competitive advantage.

Precautions to be taken for the safe use of ChatGPT

It remains that the instructors themselves have not followed any “official” teaching to master ChatGPT. So all users rely on the skills acquired on their own, through experience and experimentation. In addition, these tools are constantly evolving, and new ones appear regularly, such as Bard from Google or the Bing AI chatbot from Microsoft. Thus we can expect new training as innovations are launched.

In addition, companies must take precautions to secure the uses of generative AI. Like any technological development, its use requires proper supervision. Cybersecurity remains a major issue, and the management team must ensure that sensitive information is protected when using ChatGPT.

Finally, no matter how powerful these tools are, humans possess unique qualities that are difficult for machines to emulate, such as empathy, as well as judgmental abilities. It is up to them to ask themselves the right questions to use it ethically and responsibly. It is up to them to critically evaluate proposed responses and devise appropriate actions. Thus, it appears that an adequate level of expertise in this field is necessary to judge the quality and significance of the findings and to use them judiciously.

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