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Artificial intelligence revives the Beatles

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The artificial intelligence you need is love | Paul McCartney announced on Tuesday 13 June that a new Beatles song, produced using artificial intelligence (AI), will be released later this year. This news raises many ethical and legal questions.

speaking at the show Radio 4 today from bbc, Paul McCartney He said that the “newest Beatles record” was made with the help of artificial intelligence and will be released later this year. He explained that technology was used to “recreate” the sound of the shot John Lennon From an old demo tape. Artificial intelligence made it possible to extract Lennon’s voice from a “small piece of tape” before isolating it from the instruments on the recording.

Paul McCartney said Lennon’s “pure” vocals were then used to complete a decades-old song. “We just finished that and it comes out this year,” he said.

Paul McCartney did not mention the name of the song and speculation is rife. Some reports suggest that this new Beatles song could be titled ” Now and later One of the many tapes recorded by Lennon before his death in 1980. The song passed to Paul McCartney Yoko OnoLennon’s Widow, in the 1990s, was reportedly considered as a potential reunion song for the catalogue excerpts from the collection, but was abandoned due to its poor quality. Other revitalized versions of the band’s work have been difficult to recover, but technology appears to have advanced enough to complete the song.

Audio restoration and posthumous releases of music are not uncommon in the music industry, but advances in artificial intelligence and other technologies are exerting an increasingly powerful influence. The AI ​​can generate and play its own songs and music, as well as create avatars that have enabled the creation of virtual bands or digital versions of world-famous artists, such as ABBA, who tirelessly perform night after night. Even in death, holograms allow deceased musicians to take the stage. However, this technology raises many key questions for creative organizations, particularly with regard to ownership of work, image and sound. Some production AI systems, which produce content based on requests made, are trained on data that can include copyrighted works, such as music, from other artists, though these contributions are rarely acknowledged or compensated for. Others, especially in music, can be used to imitate the voices of the industry’s biggest stars to produce “new” songs, which have proven popular online and sparked a wave of negative reactions from the stars, labels and their lawyers.

Translated article from the American magazine Forbes – Author: Robert Hart

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